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Tobin Bell Facts:
Tobin Bell height: 5 feet & 10.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 72 years (August 7, 1942)

US television & film character star, Tobin Bell has recently stepped into 72 years of his life, according to his date of birth 7th August, 1942. He carried a dashing personality all through his youth & is still maintaining the same in his elderly days. This normal build 5 feet & 10.5 inches tall actor has though decreased his on- screen appearances nowadays, he can often be spotted on different award functions & charity gigs. His every day diet plan & current body weight is yet to be disclosed.

Tobin Bell as Joseph Henry Tobin, Jr. is the son of Eileen Bell Tobin & her better half, Joseph H. Tobin. Though he was born in the Queens borough of New York, United States, he grew up in the Town of Weymouth, in Massachusetts. His actress mother served at the renowned Quincy Reparatory Theatre & his father built & launched WJDA, the radio station, in Massachusetts’ Quincy in 1947. Tobin belongs to British inheritance from his mom. He also has a brother & a sister. As a college student, he studied journalism & liberal arts, with the aim of pursuing a career in writing & piercing into the broadcasting line. He as well has a fascination towards environmental matters, carrying a master’s degree from the Montclair Clair State University, majoring in environmental science. He has even worked pro the New York Botanical Garden, at some point in his past days.

Throughout his mid & late 30s years of life, Tobin Bell got enrolled into the Actors Studio & studied with Ellen Burstyn & Lee Strasberg, & joined Sandy’s Neighborhood Playhouse. Initially, the aspirant actor portrayed background parts in the late 70s & early 80s in more than 30 movies, counting films by Martin Scorsese & Woody Allen (Manhattan), while additionally landing acts in Broadway. Later, Tobin garnered further fame for playing John Kramer/ Jigsaw in the popular film series “Saw”. His foremost major acting work is the 1988’s “Mississippi Burning” & continued starring in made- for- TV films & guest starring in television programs all through the 90s. Prior to his break-through with the series “Saw”, Tobin made appearances in numerous films such as “False Identity” (1990), “the Verdict” (1982), “Goodfellas” (1990), “The Quick and the Dead” (1995), a narration in the 1993 released “Boiling Point” & a voice over role in the 2000’s “The Road to E! Dorado”, to name a few. More lately, the character star was noticed as Seth & Dr. Freeman in 2 different 2014 released movies, “Dark House” & “Finders Keepers”, respectively. Behind his distinctive roles in few episodes of “The Kill Point” & “Revelations”, Tobin landed single episode roles on series, “Wilfred” & “Criminal Minds”, in 2014.

Winner of the 2009 Chiller- Eyegore Award for Best Villain in a Series, Tobin Bell is a life time member of the Manhattan located “Actors Studio”. He is married & is a father of 2 kids. When not working on- screen, the actor coaches a flag football & a Little League Basketball squad. His additional hobbies count playing guitar & hiking.