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John Wayne Facts:
John Wayne height: 6 feet 4 inches
Weight: 110 kg (240 pounds)
Age: 72 years (born: May 26, 1970, died: June 11, 1979)

One of the legendary American actor, producer & director, John Wayne died at his 72, on 11th June, 1979, reasoning stomach cancer. Actor in his soaring height of 6 feet & 4 inches, John was born on 26th May, 1970. During his filming days, John was listed to be of 110 kg in an average body stature.

224 South Second Street, Winterset, lowa, United States born John Wayne’s birth name is said to be Marion Robert Morrison, an elder son of Mary ‘Molly’ Alberta Brown (1885- 1970) & Clyde Leonardo Morrison (1985- 1970). John’s ancestry included Irish, Scots- Iris, Scottish & English. Presbyterian raised John has a small brother, named Robert. Following his study at the Wilson Middle School, Glendale, John as a teenager, worked at an ice cream parlor. After being not accepted by the U. S. Naval Academy, John got enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC), taking pre-law as the major subject. He played the college football until he was harshly injured; due to which John’s athletic scholarship was snatched & with lack of finances, had to run off the university. Within his lifetime John was wedded for 3 times & divorced twice. He was smooth in Spanish & his all 3 wives, each one of Hispanic ancestry, were, Pilar Pallete, Esperanza Baur & Josephine Alicia Saenz. John had 4 children, Michael, Mary, Patrick & Melinda Wayne, with Josephine whereas 3 more children, Aissa, John & Marisa Wayne, from Pilar. He also had many top profile affairs, counting 1 with his 3 years long girlfriend, Marlene Dietrich, a German singer & actress. After having divorce with Josephine & Esperazaz, John was bounded in a marriage relation with Pilar, who remained his wife until his last day of life.

Losing his football scholarship & following his dropout from the USC, John Wayne worked at several local films. Primarily working with the Fox Film Corporation, John frequently appeared in few small roles. He earned his foremost lead character in the 1930 wide screen epic movie ‘The Big Trail’, which drove him to different lead parts in numerous movies during the 1930s, maximum of theme were of the western genus. Among his several movies throughout his filming history, John is better- known for his later movies, such as The Quiet Man (1952), The Searchers (1956), Rio Bravo (1959), Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), True Grit (1969) & The Shootist (1976). Around 1960s, John shifted to Orange Country in California, & was an illustrious Republican in the Hollywood, sustaining the post of anti- communist. In the June of 1979, this prominent actor died because of severe stomach cancer, the American Film Institute honored John 13th amongst the ‘Greatest Male Screen Legends of All Time’.

Winner of an Academy Award, John Wayne was one of the high rated box-office draw for almost 3 decades. An enduring US icon, John optimized jagged masculinity & is recognized for his demeanor, counting his distinctive composed voice, walk & of course towering height. Renowned by his nickname ‘Duke’, John besides his filming was involving several political activists, whose result he was a vocally famous conservative Republican.