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Matt LeBlanc Facts:
Matt LeBlanc height: 5 feet & 9.25 inches
Weight: 75 kg (166 pounds)
Age: 46 years (July 25, 1967)

Matt LeBlanc, 46 is a well known American actor as well as producer born on 25th July, 1967. He has a healthy build body weighing normally 75 kg in a regular height of 5 feet & 9.25 inches.

Matt was born as Matt Steven LeBlanc to Paul LeBlanc & his wife Patrica in Newton, Massachusetts. During the time, his father worked as a mechanic while his mother worked as a manager in an office. Matt carries multiple descents, Italian from his mother’s side whereas French- Canadian through his father. In 1997, Matt LeBlanc met his love of life, Melissa McKnight, who was a successful model at the time. Their affair was named as married in May 2003. In 2004, the couple together welcomed their first child, a baby girl, who was soon detected with seizure on her 7th month. On 1st January, 2006, the two got separated & the relationship was legally ended after the finalization of the divorce on 6th October, 2006. Since that year, Matt is having a romantic relationship with Andrea Anders, an actress.

Matt LeBlanc started his acting career in 1987, appearing in a commercial for Heinz Tomato Ketchup. The next year, he started working in a TV drama ‘TV 101’. After working for a season in the drama, Matt starred in ‘Top of the Heap’ (1991), a television by product of ‘Married…with Children’. In 1994, he gained success through his character Joey Tribbiani on a television sitcom ‘Friends’. He then went on to portray this role for 12 more years, including both ‘Friends’ & its spin- off series ‘Joey’. Carrying the success of this series, Matt simultaneously starred in several films like, Lookin’ Italian (1994), Lost in Space (1998), Ed (1996), All the Queen’s Men (2001) & Charlie’s Angels (2000). Along with the movies roles, he also appeared in 2 different music videos by Jon Bon Jovi, entitled ‘Miracle’ (1990) & ‘Say It Isn’t So’ (2000). Additionally, in 1991, he also performed in Alanis Morissette’s solo ‘Walk Away’. Starring as a illusory version of own self in a BBC/ Showtime TV series ‘Episodes’ (2011), he as well appeared in its second season which started airing since 11th May 2012 on BBC Two Network. Furthermore, this celeb also appeared other different television sitcoms like, Top Gear (2012) & Web Therapy (2013). Presently, it is reported that Matt is active towards the post production of his impending movie ‘Lovesick, which is said to be released soon in the year 2014.

Renowned for his television character ‘Joey Tribbiani’ in a popular sitcom ‘Friends’, Matt LeBlanc has till date earned several nominations for his outstanding acting performances. He has even won few prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe Awards (2012), People’s Choice Awards (2005), Teen Choice Awards (2001) & Screen ActorsGuide Awards (1995). Moreover to his acting work, Matt as well owns a production company named ‘Fort Hill Productions’, which co-produced the famous TV film ‘The Prince’ (2006).