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Sofia Black D’Elia Facts:
Sofia Black D’Elia height: 5 feet & 2.5 inches
Weight: 50 kg (110 pounds)
Age: 23 years (December 23, 1991)

Sofia Black D’Elia, 23, has a slim & sexy figure with impressive body measurements. She is a well know American actress of both film & television. Her slender out frame is a perfect example of banana shaped body. She has even posed for different magazines in two-piece, including for the popular Elle magazine. Normally, Sofia weighs 50 kg & has a body measurements of 33- 24- 34 inches. Her height is quite diminutive, i.e. 5 feet & 2.5 inches approximately.

Sofia Black D’Elia has now stepped into her 23 years of life, according to her date of birth, 23rd December, 1991. She was born & raised in the beautiful City of Clifton, in Passaic County, New Jersey, United States. Her mother was an employee at a printing company, & her father, Anthony D’Elia is a professional lawyer. She carries Jewish ancestry through her mom & holds Italian ancestry from her dad’s side.

During her late teenage, Sofia Black D’Elia commenced her professional career in acting; however she had already made her footsteps into the field at the tender age of five. Formerly, she was even contracted for dance lessons at the Broadway Bound. At age 17, she was picked for her foremost major role in the ABC television series “All My Children”. She played the recurring character named Bailey Wells in the series for about a year. Later in 2011, she was seen in a few episodes of “Skin Webisodes” playing Tea Marvelli. That year, she reprised the part of Tea as a major in MTV teen drama sitcom “Skins” alongside James Newman, Daniel Flaherty & Ron Mustafaa. Natasha Spence aka ‘Sage’ was the very recurring role which Sofia portrayed in “Gossip Girl” in 2012. A year later, the flourishing actress made her big screen debut as Mina, her character in the movie “Born of War”, followed by her starring as Andrea in the 2014 released film “Criinal Justice”. That year, she even portrayed a recurring character, Jules Whitman in a couple of episodes of the ABC television drama “Betrayal”. Her next role was as Jessie in Dean Israelite’s found footage science fiction thriller movie “Project Almanac” (2015). In 2015, the actress even got cast for the role of Erin Calder in The CW Network’s sitcom “The Messanger” starring Diogo Morgado & Shantel Vansanten. Repoetedly, Sofia is scheduled with the filming of her upcoming historical epic movie “Ben- Hur”, where she would be playing Tirzah alongside Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell & Morgan Freeman.

Moreover to her information, Sofia Black D’Elia is a very vigorous actress. Her down to earth attitude & hard work has always assisted her throughout her career in entertainment. As for her education details, Sofia earned her graduation degree from The William Esper Studio, New York.