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Lucas Black Facts:
Lucas Black height: 5 feet & 9 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 32 years (November 29, 1982)

Lucas Black also known as “Lucky” is an established American actor who has landed roles on both the big & small screen productions. 32 years old Lucas has been actively enrolled in the entertainment world since the young age of 12 & is ever since making his best in the industry. He has a chic personality in an average mannish physique. His height is unveiled to be approximately 5 feet & 9 inches, nonetheless his other body measurements’ including weight is still to be mentioned on internet pages. The actor as well seems to be cagey concerning his daily workouts & diet plans.

To the beautiful couple, Larry Black & Jan Gillespie, Lucas Black was born on 29th of November, 1982. His real birth name is Lucas York Black & is the native of Decatur, a city in Limestone & Morgan counties in Alabama, United States. Talking about his parents’ professional details, his father is a museum employee & his mother works in office. He grew up in a Southern Baptist household together with his 2 elder siblings. His childhood passed in an unincorporated community called Speke, in Lawrence County, Alabama. Lucas was the player of the Speake Bobcast, accomplishing high school graduation in the May of 2001.

Lucas Black debuted as an actor with his role in Kevin Costner’s 1994 movie “The War”. Soon, he was cast for the role of Caleb Temple in “American Gothic”, the CBS series, which aired from 1995 until the subsequent year, & in the movies “Ghosts of Mississippi”, “Sling Blade” & “The X- Flies”. Afterwards, at age 15, this budding star made his starring in the television movie “Flash”, which was broadcast by “The Wonderful World of Disney”. Lucas had supporting parts in the 2003’s “Cold Mountain”, then played a larger part in the football themed drama film “Friday Night Lights” & the Gulf War themed movie “Jarhead”, in 2004 & 2005, respectively. He also made his starring in the 3rd sequel of the film series “The Fast and the Furious” called “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. In the year 2009, the actor was noticed in the movie “Get Low”, traced out by his role in the 2010’s “Legion”. His latest role was of Pee Wee Reese, a shortstop of Brooklyn Dodger in the popular drama “42” in 2013. Since the year 2014, the actor has been playing the role of Christopher Lasalee, an Special agent of NCIS in the CBS sitcom “NCIS: New Orleans” also starring Scott Bakula & Zoe McLellan. Later in 2015, Lucas reprised his role from “Tokyo Drift” in a small part of the seventh series of the film “The Fast and the Furious”, i.e. “Furious 7”.

Thirty two years old Lucas Black is a married man. He as well is a father to his 2 adorable kids, a son (b. 2013 August) & a daughter (b. June 2011), with his better half, Maggie O’Brien. Professionally, Maggie is a lawyer & the duo is married since the 3rd of July, 2010. Moreover to his details, Lucas is an accomplished golf player & too enjoys playing basketball & football.