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Leonard Nimoy Facts:
Leonard Nimoy height: 5 feet 11.75 inches
Weight: 75 kg (165 pounds)
Age: 83 years (March 26, 1931)

Leonard Nimoy, a 83 years old celebrated American actor, poet, film director, photographer & singer was born on 26th March, 1931. This old Hollywood figure has a normal height of 5 feet & 11.75 inches in an average weighted body of 75 kg.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States born Leonard Simon Nimoy is the son of Dora Nimoy (nee Spinner) & her husband Max Nimoy. During those days, his father was the owner of a barbershop in Mattapan while his mother was simply a housewife. Following his elementary education, Leonard attended the Boston College for drama classes in 1953, but didn’t accomplish his whole course. Then, he went to the University of California, Los Angeles & studied photography around the 1970s. Additionally, he also earned the certificate of MA, majoring in Education from the Antioch University’s Antioch College, Ohio. Leonard has been wedded twice. Firstly, he was married in the year 1954 to Sandra Zober, an actress (1927- 2011). The couple gave their marriage a full stop following a divorce in 1987. The couple together has 2 children, a son named Adam Nimoy & a daughter named Julie Nimoy. On 1st January, 1989, Leo for the second time got married to Susan Bay, who too is a successful actress.

As a child, Leonard Nimoy started his acting career playing in few children & nearby theater. But, his television & film acting career initiated in the year 1951, soon after winning the role for the title character in ‘Kid Monk Baroni’, a 1952 movie, Leonardo literally played about 50 small characters in B grade movies, TV sitcoms such as Dragnet & Perry Manson along with serials like Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952). In order to maintain his family financial conditions, he usually did several other works, for instance delivering newspaper. In 1953, Leonard worked for the US Army. In 1965, he, for the first time emerged in the discarded pilot of Star Trek ‘The Cage’ & went on starring as Mr. Spock till 1969, traced by 8 feature films & guest appearance in the different spin- off sitcoms. Rising in prominence through this popular character Mr. Spock, Leonard worked for the original series of Star Trek. He also starred for 2 seasons in an American TV sitcom ‘Mission: Impossible’ & additionally hosted ‘In Search of..’, a documentary series & even narrated a computer game ‘Civilization IV’, making numerous well appreciated stage works. More lately, he as well portrayed a recurring character in the sci-fiction television sitcom ‘Fringe’.

Renowned for his (1966- 1969) the original Star Trek television sitcom’s character Spock, Leonard Nimoy has as well gained huge fame for his rewarding contribution towards the multiple film, video game & television sequels. He has not only occupied his position in the acting industry but also has earned name through his autobiographies, ‘I Am Spock’ (1995) & ‘I Am Not Spock’ (1975). Additionally this 1970s star has been honored for couples of time for his appreciating television & films works.