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Rebecca Black Facts:
Rebecca Black height: 5 feet & 5 inches
Weight: 58 kg (128 pounds)
Age: 18 years (June 21, 1997)

Rebecca Black collected wide media attention & audience support with “Friday”, her 2011 released sensational single. She is an accomplished American singer who has succeeded carving her name as one of the celebrated artist of US music. Nonetheless this California beauty is currently walking in her late teens; she has always been showing full endowment towards her profession. With a charming face & alluring figure, this singer stands in an attractive height of 5 feet & 5 inches. Rebecca must be working a lot to maintain her slim build, as her weight is constantly reported to be 58 kg.

The only daughter born to Georgina Marquez Kelly & her spouse John Jeffrey Black, Rebecca Black also has a loving & caring brother named Chase Blasé, who is two years smaller to her age. 21st June, 1997 born Rebecca comes from Irvine, a city lying on the lap of Orange County, California, United States. Both of her parents’ are veterinarians, & she belongs to Mexican descent through her mom & carries Polish, Italian & English inheritance from her dad’s side. From her kindergarten study to sixth grade, Rebecca studied at a private school, & later shifted to an area public school because of bullying. She was a part of the musical theatre programme at the school. At the age of 14, the young lass dropped out & continued her education via homeschooling.

Since her early childhood, Rebecca Black was interested in singing. She always dreamt of becoming a reputed singer in her near future, & hence in 2010, this enthusiastic lady professionally came out as a singer. Her came to public concern after releasing a single entitled “Friday” under the Los Angeles Records in March 2011. As soon the video was viral over YouTube & other different social media websites, the single was scoffed by several critics & viewers, who labeled it as “the worst song ever”. From 10th February, 2011, its upload date to 16th June, its temporary deletion from YouTube, the video garnered hundred & sixty seven million views, earning Rebecca international fame with a title of “viral star”. Rebecca re- uploaded the song to her personal channel 3 months later. This was followed by her other singles, namely “My Moment”, “Person of Interest”, both in 2011 & “Sing It” & “In Your Words” in 2012 & the lately aired “Saturday” in 2013. At the 2015 VidCon, she confirmed that she’d been working upon her album, which is hoped to be launched by the last of 2015.

Furthermore to singing, Rebecca Black has even made her landing in the acting industry. Her first role was as a voice- over actor in the 2011’s “Legend of a Rabbit”. The next year she made a cameo appearance in the 3D autobiographical documentary movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me” & too was seen in an episodeof the popular web show “MyMusic”.