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Shelton Benjamin Facts:
Shelton Benjamin height: 6 feet & 2 inches
Weight: 112 kg (248 pounds)
Age: 39 years (July 9, 1975)

Professional wrestler of America Shelton Benjamin had formerly served as an amateur wrestler, earning huge recognition for his tenancy in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Belonging to an athlete field, there is no doubt that he possesses an athletic build; his current body weight is listed to be 112 kg. Also known as “The Gold Standard”, he has a distinct towering height of 6 feet & 2 inches. The wrestler is active in professional wrestling since 2000 & is now running in his late 30s years of life.

Though Shelton Benjamin currently resides in Spring, a CDP (census- designated place) inside the extra-territorial jurisdiction of Houston City, Texas, he was born in the Orangeburg City of South Carolina, United States. He was born on 9th of July, 1975. He spent his childhood at his birth land attending the local Orangeburg- Wilkinson High School. Later, he was accepted by the St. Paul, Minnesota located University of Minnesota, following his days at the Lassen Community College, Susanville, California.

Shelton Benjamin wrestled for ROH (Ring of Honor) for a couple of years, & presently works for the New Japan Pro Wrestling as Shelton C Benjamin, his innovative ring name. He carries a background in amateur wrestling, counting wrestling throughout his high schooling & at the university in Minnesota. Additionally, he has served in amateur wrestling as an associate coach. Shelton originally passed his period at the Ohio Valley Wrestling, winning the Southern Tag Team Championship for 4 different times. World Wrestling Entertainment then shifted him towards the major roster & put him within an alliance together with Charlie Hass & Kurt Angle, termed as “Team Angle” (& subsequently the World’s Greatest Tag Team). Throughout his period with the group he became the winner of the prestigious Intercontinental Championship for 3 times, the WWE Tag Team Championship for 2 times & the United States Championship for a single time. Shelton has as well earned the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship for one time. Since the year 2010, this 39 years old wrestler has been a part of the indy circuit & as of 15th May, 2015, he is confirmed to be a major component of the GFW’s (Global Force Wrestling) roster. Noted for his dragon whip, this skillful & powerful wrestler uses stinger-splash as homage to Sting. He is also distinguished for his unique knee lift, flying lariat, samoan drop & shell bomb.

Shelton Benjamin is a fervent video gamer & has even won the THQ Superstar Challenge conducted by WWE. He has made his appearance in the honorable Guinness World Record as the wrestler winning Most WWE THQ Superstar Challenge. He is as well expert in art, crafting the level work of comic books. He mulled over a pro career in the very field. Shelton also enjoys watching cartoons & cites Daffy Duck to be his all time favorite cartoon-character.