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Nigel Benn Facts:
Nigel Benn height: 5 feet & 9.5 inches
Weight: 76 kg (168 pounds)
Age: 51 years (22nd January, 1964)

51 years old Nigel Benn is a former boxer from England who garnered world titles in both the super- middleweight & middle weight divisions. All through his physical exercises & workouts, he has achieved a toned athletic build which is currently listed to be weighing more or less 76 kg. Though he stands in quite average height of 5 feet & 9.5 inches, he holds a bright background in professional boxing career.

22nd January, 1964 born Nigel Benn’s full birth name is Nigel Gregory Benn, however is mostly recognized with his nickname ‘Dark Destroyer’. Barbadian British, Nigel belongs to a sporting household that counts a renowned cousin in the world of football, Paul Ince. Speaking about this 51 years old former boxer, he passed his childhood in Ilford town, located in Greater London, England, United Kingdom. This is the very place where Nigel first opened his eyes. At present, Nigel lives with his second wife, Caroline Jackson. The couple is wedded since the 4th of September, 1996, following his divorce with Sharon Crowley. Though he doesn’t have any kids with his current wife, he shares 5 children with Sharon.

Within his career in amateur wrestling Nigel Benn held a record of forty one wins & a single loss. He turned professional at the age of 23 & started a line of successive knockout wins. Around the time, he became the winner of the unoccupied Commonwealth Boxing Council middleweight title along with a 2nd round victory over fellow contender Abdul Umaru. Nigel later fought Dough DeWitt, the middle-weight title holder of WBO in the City of Atlanta & was knocked down in 2 rounds, however backed to knock Dough down in the third round, & then score 3 knock-downs in the eighth round to achieve the title. He subsequently continued to win streak of 6 fights heading up to next world title competition. In the year 1991, he hit Robbie Sims, half brother of Mrvin Hagler, by a knock-out in seventh round, trailed out by a conclusion, clashed decision win next to Thulani Malinga, & a one- punch KO win next to Dan Sherry. After further more matches, in 1995 February, Nigel defended his title of 168 lb against Gerald McClellan, the WBC middleweight champ in an extremely anticipated bout allocated as “Sudden Impact”. Many American experts granted Nigel little chance. Gerald faced severe injury as the fight’s result. Further 2 defences traced against Vincenzo Nardiello, the future WBC title holder & Danny Perez, prior Nigel lost the title with a strangely jaded performance to previous rival Thulani in 1996. Nigel for 2 times attempted to get the title of WBO super middleweight from fellow contender Steve Collins, nonetheless failed twice. He announced his retirement from pro boxing behind the second defeat to Steve at age 32.

Following his retirement from professional wrestling, Nigel Benn popped up as a globally famed DJ, subsequently establishing himself as a television personality. To date, he has made appearances on numbers of television shows, including “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!”. He then, started involving him in different philanthropic causes & as well published an autobiography in 2001, entitled “Dark Destroyer".