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Scott Bairstow Facts:
Scott Bairstow height: 5 feet & 8.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 44 years (April 23, 1970)

Popular among his viewers as Newt Call, his role on the Canadian television sitcom “Lonesome Dove”, Scott Bairstow is one among the recognized Canadian actors. Athlete build dashing actor has now made his steps into his 44 years of age, with reference to his date of birth 23rd April, 1970. Nevertheless his current body weight & measurements are not disclosed on his official web pages, his height is listed to be just about 5 feet & 8.5 inches.

Scott Bairstow spent his entire childhood in his birth place, the City of Winnipeg, located in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Though his actual birth name is Scott Hamilton Bairstow, he is also known with his nickname “BAIR” or simply Scott Baristow. His parents, Diane & Douglas Baristow both played together with the famous Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. His father was even the chief oboe player for the Winnipeg. At the age of 24, the actor walked down the aisle with his then- sweetheart, Marty Rich. Together, they welcomed their 2 kids, Dalton Bairstow (b. 1998) & Casey Bairstow (b. 1995). The couple was together until their divorce confirmation in the year 2000.

Since the mere age of 10, Scott Bairstow started making his appearances on small screen. His first role was in a program “Let’s Go”. Later, he headed towards the New York City at age 17 & portrayed a little role of Stuart Chandler in “All My Children”, the ABC television soap opera. He soon earned a lead role next to Cybill Shepherd in “There Was a Little Boy”, the 1993 released television film & too made his appearances opposite to such renown actors as Kris Kristodderson & Kevin Costner in the 1998’s “Two for Texas” & 1997’s “The Postman”, respectively. Moreover to his portrayal on the 1998- 2000’s series “Party of Five” & the 1994 episode of “X- Flies”, Scott has also made his starring as Newt Call, the lead in both “Lonesome Dove: the Outlaw Years” (1995- 1996) & “Lonesome Dove: The Series” (1994- 1995). He also played the lead role of Lt. Tom Hobbes, in “Harsh Realm”, the short lived television series by Chris Carter. In the year 2004, Scott emerged as guest in “Touched by an Angel”, portraying Zach, a handyman. Earlier to this, he was seen as Dr. Zack Straker in the 2003 released movie “The Bone Snatcher”, behind 3 different 2002 launched movies, “Tuck Everlasting”, “New Best Friend”, & “Dead in the Water”. Scott’s last role to date was as Jute in the 2006 TV movie “Android Apocalypse.

Earning his fame as a prominent actor initially, Scott Bairstow’s career in professionally acting was only from 1980 to 2006. Throughout the time, he also made a stable base as an accomplished writer, musician as well as musician.