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John Billingsley Facts:
John Billingsley height: 5 feet & 9 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 55 years (May 20, 1960)

Popular among viewers as Doctor Phlox, his character in the TV sitcom “Star Trek: enterprise’, John Billingsley has been professionally involve in acting since 1988. Mannish out framed John has though made his entrance in entertainment quite delayed compared to that of other showbiz personnel, he has succeeded earning a wide fame within a short span. Talking about this American actor’s daily workout schedule, & diet plans, he seems to be a bit cagey on these stuffs. However his recent body weight is still to be divulge, John’s height is revealed to be approximately 5 feet & 9 inches tall.

After spending his initial childhood in his birth land of Media, a county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States, John Billingsley along with his family moved in Huntsville, Alabama, subsequently residing in the City of Slidell, in Louisiana. Afterwards, the Billingsley family relocated in Weston, a beautiful town located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. As for his education, John earned his graduation degree at the age of 22, from the Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont.

Throughout the beginning of his acting career John Billingsley landed a small part in an episode of “Northern Exposure”, the television comedy drama sitcom. He then appeared as the Lone Gunmen’s friend in a single episode of “The X- Flies”, followed by his cast as Miles Ballard, a professor in “The Others”, a popular short- lived TV series. Soon, the actor was picked for the role of Denobulan Dr. Phlox in the 5th series of Star Trek called “Star Trek: Enterprise”. The series ran for overall 4 seasons, behind which John was seen as himself in “Roswell”, traced out by his starring in the 2000 released independent movie “Breathing Hard” & “Out of Time” (2003). The actor is recognized for appearing as guest in the 2nd season of “Cold Case”, playing George Marks, a serial killer. He also reprised the very character in the finale of the season in which George was killed. He has additionally landed roles in different celebrated TV shows, such as “CSI: NY”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “True Blood”, “Scrubs”, “Hawaii Five-0”, & so forth. In the October of 2012, John made his starring alongside Mira Sorvino & Dermot Mulroney in the movie “Trade of Innocents”, followed by his role in the 2013 independent movie “Red Line”. Lately, in 2014, he appeared in the CBS sci-fi drama series “Intelligence” playing Doctor Shenandoah Cassidy. He also landed a role of Samuel Townsend in the 2nd season of “Turn: Washington’s Spies”, a popular period drama on AMC.

Fifty five years old John Billingsley is wedded to the 1961 born American actress, Bonita Friedericy. The couple has together landed roles in different on- screen productions, including “Star Trek: Enterprise”. John is an avid cat lover & has even got 2 at his residence.