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Alan Alda Facts:
Alan Alda height: 6 feet & 2 inches
Weight: 92 kg (203 pounds)
Age: 78 years (January 28, 1936)

One of the most reputed personalities in the Hollywood film industry, Alan Alda, is not just famed for his winning career as an actor but also for his achievements as a screenwriter, director & author. 78 years old, the actor has an imposing soaring height of 6 feet & 2 inches. Despite his growing age, Alan still carries himself very nattily in a toned out frame holding the total body weight of roughly 92 kg.

Alan Alda was born as Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo to his parents’ Joan Browne & Robert Alda (birth name Alphonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D’Abruzzo), on 28th January, 1936. New York City, New York, United States born Alan was raised in an acting background, as his father was a recognized actor whereas his mother was simply a home maker who previously was the winner of beauty pageant. He describes his babyhood as peripatetic due to his parents’ maximum travelling all through the United States due to his dad’s job as burlesque theater’s performer. Alan holds both the Italian & Irish ancestry, via his dad & mom, respectively. “Alda” is said to be his adopted last name which is a portmanteau word of D’Abruzzo & ALphonso. As a child, he went to the Archbishop Stepinac High School, White Plains, New York & later accomplished a BA degree with major English from the Fordham University’s Fordham College, in 1956, at the age of 20. He also has a small brother named Antony Alda, who was born the very year & would too pursue a career as an actor. The next year, he walked down the aisle with Arlene Weiss, an American photographer cum writer. At the time Alan & Arlene were in their age 21 & 24, respectively. The couple together is parent to their 3 children, namely Elizabeth Alda, Eve Alda & Beatrice Alda.

Alan Alda debuted as actor performing in several theatrical plays, basically in Rome, Paris & later started performing on television with his dad in Amsterdam. His profession career in acting began in the early 50s, as the Compass Players comic revue’s member. He made his initial step towards the Hollywood film industry starring in the movie “Gone are the Days!”. Playing in some notable movies, the aspiring actor was then rose to prominence via his role as Hawkeye Pierce in “MASH”, 1970 hit movie. His role dragged him towards the victory over 21 nominations of Emmy Awards, earning 5 of them. The success was trailed out by his role as same character in “M*A*S*H” (1972- 1983), a television sitcom adapted from “MASH”. Among his numerous television & film starring, he is additionally celebrated for portraying Arnold Vinick in the 1999 released television sitcom “The West Wing” & his supporting part in “The Aviator”, the 2004 smash movie by Martin Scorsese.

Decorated with the numbers of prestigious awards & accolades, the endowed American icon Alan Alda at present is serving as a Visiting Professor at the reputed State University of New York at Stony Brook additionally as the advisory board’s member of Furture of Life Institute & The Center for Communication Science. An avid fan of cosmology, Alan is one of Hollywood’s most generous personalities, attending several of the philanthropic campaigns with cent percent support to various social & environmental causes. Additionally, in the year 2005, he as well debuted as an author launching his foremost memoir entitled “Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: and Other Thing I’ve Learned”, followed by “Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself”, the next year.