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Vince McMahon Facts:
Vince McMahon height: 6 feet & 2 inches
Weight: 112 kg (248 pounds)
Age: 69 years (August 24, 1945)

One of the highest earning wrestling personnel, Vince McMahon though has reached 69; he holds an esteemed career as an American pro wrestling promoter, commentator, former announcer, actor, film producer & occasionally pro wrestler. Athlete built Vince stands in a striking tall height of 6 feet & 2 inches & is reported to have a body weight of approximately 112 kg. He is presently serving as CEO, Chairman & majority owner of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment”, Stamford, Connecticut based pro wrestling promotion.

24th August, 1945 born Vince McMahon’s full birth name is Vince Kennedy McMahon. He is the son of Vincent James McMahon & his first wife Vicky H. Askew. His dad had left the house while Vince was still a little baby, taking Rod, his older son with him. Until the age of 12, Vince didn’t meet his wrestler promoter father. He passed most of his babyhood living together with his mom & a cord of step-fathers. He is the 1964 graduate of the Fishburne Military School, located in Waynesboro, Virginia. During his formative age, Vince also conquered dyslexia. Today, he is wedded to his darling wife, Linda McMahon, since 1966. They have 2 children together, namely a son named Shane Brandon McMahon (b. 1970) & a daughter named Stephanie Marie McMahon (b. 1978).

Vince McMahon made his professional debut as an announcer as the age of 23 & later made his entrance as a pro wrestler in the year 1997. Behind obtaining the possessions of WCW (World Championship Wrestling) & ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) in 2001 & 2003, respectively, Vince’s WWE turned into the sole remaining major US pro wrestling promotion (before the national expansion of 2 innovative promotions, Jeff Jarrett’s Total Nonstop Acting Wrestling & Rob Feinstein’s Ring of Honor). He plays an in- ring character recognized as Mr. McMahon, the ring name, based upon his true life persona. Vince has come out as the world champion for 2 different times, having garnered the ECW World Championship & WWF Championship, in the year 2007 & 1999, respectively. He was as well the victor of the Royal Rumble in 1999. Vince headlined compound pay-per-view gigs starting from the year 1999 till 2000, & took part in the key event of 2000 WrestleMania as a corner for Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’.

Off the career in ring, Vince McMahon has branched out in numbers of business ventures. He briefly came out as the promoter for ice hockey during early 80s. Later, in the year 2000, he founded XFL, a pro American football club, prioritizing his passion for soccer. In 2010, he made an announcement about his plans to create a pristine cable network in 2011 summer. The thought was in due course custom-made from a conformist cable network into an alarmed streaming service called “WWE Network”. This was launched in the February of 2014.