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Alex Jones Facts:
Alex Jones height: 5 feet & 10 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 41 years (February 11, 1974)

Somewhat colossal build Alex Jones is a celebrated name on the back stage projects of show business. Recently walking on his 41, as of his official birth date, 11th February, 1974, Alex is professionally a conspiracy theorist, writer, documentary film maker & too a host of radio shows. With the diverse jobs in the entertainment, the American native has earned a hugs acclaim from both the critics & public. As for his physical stature & outlook, the high flying persona seems to weigh a bit more to the normal; however his body statistics are not disclosed on his official web pages, except his height, i.e. roughly 5 feet & 10 inches.

Born in the City of Dallas, Texas, United States, Alex Jones spent most of his childhood in the environs of Austin & Rockwall. His dad is professionally a dentist whereas his mom is simply a house wife, scheduled with her daily domestics. Somewhere in his video podcast, Alex has disclosed him to be of mostly British, Welsh, German & moderately Native American ancestry. He has earned his high school degree attending the Austin based Anderson High School, at age 19, where he also served as the lineman of Anderson’s football squad. Following his high schooling, he carried on his study at the Austin Community College. Alex describes him as a Christian & conveys high hold for the religious Bible. His real birth name is Alexander Emerick Jones.

While in Austin, Alex Jones made his career debut with a cal- in format, live public access TV cable television program. At the age of 22, he transferred layout to KJFK, working as the host of a show called “The Final Edition”. With different ups & downs during the career settlement, Alex at present has established himself fully into his professional job. Today, his syndicated talk/ news program based in Texas’ Austin “The Alex Jones Show”, broadcast via the popular Genesis Communication Network & the shortwave, EECR Radio throughout the United States, & on different internet sites. His websites include PrisonPlanet.com & Infowars.com. Alex has frequently been the focus of different controversies, such as his contentious statements regarding gun control within the stir of the shooting on Sandy Hook Elementary School. He has accused the government of United States of being enrolled in the bombing of Oklahoma City, the Sep. 11 attacks & the shooting of the fake Moon Landing theories to hides secret technology of NASA. Alex in fact describes himself to be a paleoconservative & a libertarian. Moreover, he has also landed cameo roles in 2 different movies till date, “Walking Life” (2001) & “A Scanner”, but has made his hands in numbers of filming ventures as producer as well as co- producer.

New York magazine & the Southern Poverty Law Center depicted Alex as “America’s Leading conspiracy theorist” & “the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America”, respectively. When inquired about these tags, Alex state that he actually finds himself much “proud to be listed as a though criminal Big Brother”.