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Dolph Lundgren Facts:
Dolph Lundgren height: 6 feet & 5 inches
Weight: 110 kg (243 pounds)
Age: November 3, 1957

A renowned Swedish actor, film director as well as a successful martial artist, Dolph Lundgren, 56 was born on 3rd November, 1957. He has an impressive towering height of 6 feet & 5 inches in a giant athletic build body, normally weighing around 110 kg.

Born as Hans Lundgren in an independent municipality Spanga, in Stockholm, Sweden, Dolph Lundgren is the second of 4 children born to his parents, Sigrid Birgitta (nee Tjerneld) & Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren. He was grown up along with his elder brother & 2 sisters in an academic & middle class household. Throughout the early days, his mother served as a language teacher whereas his father, who was an engineer worked as the Swedish government’s economist. As a teenage boy, Dolph grew up along with his granny’s in the society of Nyland, Kramfors. Completing his high school graduation, he shortly moved to the United States & attended chemistry classes at the Clemson University & the Washington State University, around 1970s. Following his degree of chemistry from the Washington, Dolph attended the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm & earned a chemical engineering degree from there. Finally, he got enrolled to the University of Sydney & completed his Masters in Chemical Engineering degree. Looking about this giant personality’s dating history; we can notice that during 1980s he was hooking up with Grace Jones, a Jamaican singer & Paula Barbieri, a model. In the year 1994, he got wedded to Anett Quiberg, who at the time was a fashion stylist & jewellery designer. They together are the parents of 2 beautiful daughters, named Greta Eveline Lundgren (b. November 2001) & Ida Sigrid Lundgren (b. April 1996). In 2011, it was reported that the couple are divorced & Dolph has backed to Los Angeles together with his current sweetheart, Jenny Sandersson.

Dolph Lundgren’s breakthrough appeared when he was cast as Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer for the 1985 movie ‘Rocky IV’. Prior to his acting profession, Dolph was engaged in the line of martial arts. He carries the third dan black belt rank in Kyokushin Karate & was even honored as the European champion in the years, 1980 & 1981. He as well worked as a bouncer & model at The Limelight, a nightclub in Manhattan. In 1987, he starred in a fantasy sci-fiction movie ‘Masters of the Universe’ & portrayed Frank Castle in ‘The Punisher’, the 1989 movie. Since then, this multi talented personality performed in about 40 different movies, roughly all those movies falls in the action type. Some of his remarkable films include Dark Angel (1990), Johnny Mnemonic (1995), The Mechanik (2005), Command Performances (2009), Missionary man (2007), Icarus (2010), The Expendables (2010) & its sequel The Expendables 2 (2012).

A celebrated 1980s & 1990s icon Dolph Lundgren furthermore to his acting has branched out in several fields, including training & diet. Although he has never fought as a pro body builder, Dolph has been strongly associated with fitness & body building since the mid 1980s. As of January 2011, he publicized that he was about to launch his own vitamins & supplements ranges. Additionally, this successful star has also released ‘Fit Forever’, his debut autobiographical fitness journal. Earning a Marshall Trophy for Best Actor in 1985 for his all time notable film ‘Rocky IV’, Dolph was even provided a special award, i.e. ‘Fantastic Lantern’, in the 2007 Malaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema.