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Diedrich Bader Facts:
Diedrich Bader height: 6 feet & 2 inches
Weight: 80 kg (176 pounds)
Age: 48 years (December 24, 1966)

Acting plus comedy, these are the 2 things which perfectly describe Diedrich Bader. He is a proficient actor cum comedian who is widely noted in the American filming world for his humoristic performances. Currently running in his 48, Diedrich has an athletic out frame standing in a remarkable attractive height of 6 feet & 2 inches. His other body measurements & current diet cum workout plan is still to be unveiled over his official pages.

Diedrich Bader was born & primarily raised in the independent city of Alexandria, in the Common-wealth of Virginia. His parents welcomed him into the world on the Christmas Eve, i.e. 24th December of 1966 as Karl Diedrich Bader. His German born mother, Gretta (Lange) Bader formally worked as a sculptor, while his father, William B. Bader was an executive of the foundation who as well served in politics. At the age of 2, Diedrich along with his family unit shifted to Paris, the capital city of France; however backed to the United States later. Returning back, he started studying at the Groveton High School, in Fairfax County, Virginia. He then completed graduation from the Virginia’s Alexandria based T. C. Williams High School. Subsequently, he got enrolled into the University Of North Carolina School Of Arts.

Following a string of guest appearances on popular TV sitcoms such as “Ster Trek: The Next Generation”, “The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air”, “Cheers”, “Diagnosis: Murder” & “Quantum Leap”, Diedrich Bader earned his foremost major role in “Danger Theatre”, the 1993 television series where he was seen portraying the character The Searcher. The budding actor then headed into cinematic roles for the movie adaption of “The Beverly Hillibillies” at age 27, but backed to television, portraying Oswald on the program “The Drew Carey Show” commencing in the year 1995. Diedrich has had parts in different animated features & television sitcoms such as “The Penguins of Madagascar”, “South Park”, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command”, “The Simpsons” & “Ice Age”, to name a few. He made his appearance as Lawrence in “Office Space”, the 1991 released movie & played the Taekwondo dojang’s owner, Rex in the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” in 2004. Later, in the year 2010, the actor picked the part of Charlie in the TV sitcom “Outsourced” & reprised the role of Rex in the 2012 animated sitcom “Napoleon Dynamite”. Diedrich has as well provided his voice to various Batman cartoons, playing both villains & heroes: The Batman, The Zeta Project, Batman Beyond, & landing a role of title character in the animated series “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”. He as well voices the character Guy Gardner in the computer- animated TV series “Green Lantern: The Animated Series”.

Distinct for his hoarse baritone voice, Diedrich Bader is a father to his 2 adorable kids with Dulcy Rogers. Dulcy & Diedrich are husband & wife since their nuptial in 1998. Few years later the marriage, the couple welcomed a son & a daughter named Sebastian & Ondine CaolIla in the year 2003 & 2005, respectively.