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Dirik Benedict Facts:
Dirik Benedict height: 5 feet & 11 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 70 years (March 1, 1945)

After making his entertainment debut in early 70s, Dirik Benedict gained wide popularity among audiences during the late 70s & 80s. He has landed roles on both the small & big screen of acting industry since his entrance. Presently running in his 70, Dirik has an average build mannish out frame in a tall height of 5 feet & 11 inches. Additional to his film & television works, the actor is also recognized for his wonderful performances on stage.

Born as Dirik Niewoehner in the gorgeous City of Helena, in Montana, United States, Dirik Benedict spent his childhood in White Sulphur Spring, the city which is too situated in Montana. His parents’, George Edward Niewoehner & Priscilla Mella (nee Metzger” welcomed him into this world on 1st of March, 1945. He earned his graduation degree from the Whitman Collage, at age 22. He allegedly picked “Dirik Benedict” as his stage-name from a serve of popular American breakfast dish, ‘Eggs Benedict’, which he had liked earlier to his career in acting.

Dirik Benedict’s movie debut came in “Georgia, Georgia”, launched in 1972. When the NY run for the musical “Butterflies Are Free” concluded, he acquired a proposal to go over his act in “Hawaii”, next to Barbara Rush. After few more portrayals, the actor was seen in the US film “W”, followed by his starring in the popular TV sitcom “Chopper One” in 1974. He subsequently appeared in “Charlie’s Angels”. At the age of 33, Dirik got his first break, when he portrayed Lieutenant Starbuck in “Battlestar Galactica”, bot on big & small screen. A year later, he played in the film “Scavenger Hunt”. Alongside actress Linda Blair, he starred in the 1981 action comedy film “Ruckus”, traced out by his additional fame as Lieutenant Templeton Peck aka “Face” in the 80s action TV sitcom “The A- Team”. With further noteworthy portrayals, the actor was seen in different films throughout the 90s, including “Blue Tornado” (1991), “Shadow Force” (1993) & “Alaska” (1996), to name a few. With the start of 2000s, Dirik directed & wrote his original screenplay, entitled “Cahoots”. In the year 2005, he landed a role in Peter Thorwarth’s “Goldene Zeiten” & was also seen in the UK sitcom of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2007. In 2010, Dirik starred as Lieutenant Columbo alongside George Telfer & Patrick Ryecart in “Prescription: Murder”, trailed out by his cameo as Milt, a Pensacola Prisoner in the movie adaption of “The A- Team” the very year.

Dirik Benedict is a father to his 2 sons, Roland & George, with his former wife, Toni Hudson, a recognized actress. The duo was married from 1986 to 1995. In the year 1998, the actor also knew that he has one more son named John Talbert (b. 1968), via his earlier affair, who has been adopted by someone else. With the assistance of his adoptive mom-dad, John found out & contacted his real parents.