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Aaron Ashmore Facts:
Aaron Ashmore height: 6 feet & 0 inches
Weight: 77 kg (170 pounds)
Age: 35 years (October 7, 1979)

A prominent Canadian movie cum television actor Aaron Ashmore, 35 was born on 7th October, 1979. The blonde actor has a mannish build body standing in an impressive tall height of precise 6 feet. He is best identified for playing Jimmy Olsen in the American television sitcom “Smallville”. The actor normally weighs more or less 77 kg.

However Aaron Ashmore’s upbringing was in the beautiful City of Brampton, Southern Ontario, Canada along with his twin brother named Shawn Ashmore, he was born in a coastal City of Richmond, British Columbia. His father, Rich Ashmore is professionally a manufacturing engineer while his mother, Linda is simply a homemaker. He initially earned his education attending the Turner Fenton Secondary School, in Brampton & later got enrolled at the Peel District School Board, Ontario. Currently, on 20th June, 2014, at age 34, Aaron got wedded to his sweetheart, Zoe Kate.

Aaron Ashmore pricked into the world of acting together with his twin, Shawn around their age of 10. The two brothers regularly attended “Multiple Births Association”, the club where their mother was involved as its member, where they initially were discovered by an acting agent. Soon, Aaron & Shawan landed their foremost roles in commercials & started doing the ads either alone or with Shawn. Later, in 1991, at age 12, he landed his foremost movie role in the Arthur Hiller movie “Married to It”. Though he didn’t play any movies until 2001, he was finally seen as Dwayne & Bobby Christianson in 2 different movies “Treed Murray” & “The Safety of Objects” that year. Throughout the gaps, he made his small appearances in an array of television films & series, such as “Due South” (1996), “Animorphs” (1998), & “Love Letters” (1999). Following his minor entries in the television programs & big entries portrays, the budding star earned his very first lead role as Jimmy Olsen in Miles Millar & Alfred Gough television series “Smallville”, behind his role as Colin McNeil in the 2005- 2006 sitcom “Mission”. He not just played Jimmy all through the 2006- 2009, but as well carried out the role in the year 2011. He also played the notable characters such as Scott Griffin & Dylan Masters in the series’ “In Plain Sight” (2010- 2012) & “XII: The Series”, respectively. Afterwards, the actor came out in 2 different roles in the Showcase supernatural drama “Lost Girl” (2011- 2012), & the SyFy network’s science fiction sitcom “Warehouse 13” (2011- 2014), respectively. Presently, the gifted actor is active in the filming of his upcoming 2015 American Spanish thriller movie “Regression”, alongside Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke & David Dencik.

After playing multiple of characters in the movies’ & emerging in several roles on the television screen, the bright & endowed actor Aaron Ashmore has now built his stable career in the large world of filming. He is so far working upon his acting still & is hoping to reach the height of a successful acting career soon in the near future.