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Carlos Bernard Facts:
Carlos Bernard height: 5 feet & 10 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 52 years (October 12, 1962)

52 yet successful maintaining his chic personality, Carlos Bernard is an established actor of American film & television industry. A bit cagey about his daily workout schedule & diet plans, Carlos has a well toned mannish physique which in fact seems to be the result of his frequent runs. The actor is also more often noticed hitting the nearby gym. In an ideal body weight he has a standard height of roughly 5 feet & 10 inches. Among his roles Carlos is highly paised for playing Tony Almeida in the Fox network’s series “24”.

Though his upbringing was carried out in the City of Chicago, Illinois, Carlos Bernard was born in Evanston City, Illinois, United States. His parents welcomed him as their smallest child on 12th October, 1962. He has 2 elder brothers. Of Spanish & Polish roots, his mom originally comes from Spain’s Madrid. His fu birth name is revealed to be Carlos Bernard Papierski & he is the graduate of the New Trier High School, He then joined the Illinois State University & soon after earned his degree in fine arts from the American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco.

During his years in high school Carlos Bernard bio started showing his fascination towards acting. Even as he initially stepped on stage, he soon progressed to small screen. Some of his stage acts counts on “Hamlet”, “The Cherry Orchard”, & “The Diary of Anne Frank”. At the Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum, he performed alongside Frank Langella in “Scenes From an Execution”. Carlos has landed guest starring in different note worthy television series, such as “Babylon 5”, “F/X: The Series”, “Burn Notice”, “Texas Ranger”, “Silk Stalkings” & “Walker”, & too landed an appearances a series regular in the daytime soap “The Young and the Restless”. The actor has also made his landings in an array of feature films, including “City of Dreams”, “Alien Raiders”, “The Killing Jar”, “Vegas” & the short movie “The Colonel’s Last Flight”, to name a few. More recently, the actor as seen as Jared Stack in an episode of “Castle”, behind his portrayal as a recurring character Vicente Cano & Agent Channing in “Dallas” & “Hawaii Five- 0”, respectively.

In addition to English, Carlos Bernard bio can speak German, Russian, & Spanish fluently. He is a father to his only child, a daughter named Natalie Bernard (b. 2003). The child’s mother is his ex-wife, Sharisse Baker, a professional with whom he continued a marital relationship from 1999 to 2010. Since the 30th of December, 2013, Carlos is wedded to Tessie Santiago. Moreover, he is good friends with Mary Lynn Rajskub, Reiko Aylesworth & Kiefer Sutherland. Carlos is a keen lover of hot sauce & recently launched his private hot sauces line, i.e. “Carlos Almeida’s”. The actor states that hot sauces are just for sale inside “select sectors” throughout the country, with their shortage ensuring that purchase is mulled over a rate find among ardent 24 fans.