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Daisy Betts Facts:
Daisy Betts height: 5 feet & 8.5 inches
Weight: 58 kg (130 pounds)
Age: 33 years (February 1, 1982)

Alike every showbiz personnel Daisy Betts is also very much alarmed about her beauty & fitness. She never prefers missing her single day workouts & always follows her diet schedule. Presently 33, the Australian actress looks quite younger to her age. In a voluptuous figure she has an ideal body weight of just about 58 kg. Bonus to her natural alluring beauty she has an exciting lofty height of 5 feet & 8.5 inches, which is relatively high compared to date of regular female height.

One among the 3 beautiful daughters of her parents, Daisy Betts was born & raised in the capital city Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her actual birthday is reposted to be 1st of February, 1982. Daisy studied psychology & commerce ahead of deciding to shadow an acting career.

As Amber, a small character, Daisy Betts made her small screen debut in the last show of “Small Claims” (2006), the Australian television movie. She then played a minor character, Natasha in “Shutter”, the 2008 release American Horror movie, & soon portrayed a recurring character of Chris Blake’s wife, Sally Blake in the popular Australian television sitcom “Sea Patrol” (2007- 2008). At age 26, she portrayed the most eminent on- screen character of her acting career, as Peta Lee in fifty nine different episodes of the UK/ Australian soap “Out of the Blue” also starring Samara Weaving. A couple of years later, she was picked for the role of Janet Cooper in the NBC network thriller series “Person Unknown”. Daisy made her starring in the 2010 Independent Australian movie “Caught Inside”, which was soon trailed by her role as Grace Shepard, a Lieutenant in the wide accepted AMC channel military drama sitcom “Last Resort”, premiering on 27th of September, 2012. She then played a recurring character named Rebecca Jones in the American television drama action sitcom “Chicago Fire” starring Taylor Kinney & Jesse Spencer. Earlier to this, the actress also made her single episode appearances in a couple of note worthy television series such as, “All Saints” (2008) & “East West 101” (2011).

Nonetheless Daisy Betts is now a mother to her 2 adorable kids; she has successfully maintained her body fitness & charm. She has been carrying a husband & wife relationship with Paul James Miller since a long ago. Professionally an Australian boxer, Paul (b. November 15, 1978) & his wife currently lives a happy & prosperous life together with their son & daughter. The couple’s first child was born in the year 2010.