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Fairuza Balk Facts:
Fairuza Balk height: 5 feet & 3 inches
Weight: 52 kg (115 pounds)
Age: 40 years (May 21, 1974)

Though Fairuza Balk has now reached her 40 years of age, she still holds the same charm & allure which she carried all through her youth. The blue eyed gorgeous is professionally a film actress garnering a wide acclamation in the American film industry. However, she has an average height of 5 feet & 3 inches; she has a slim & toned outline measuring 32- 25- 35’ & weighing 52 kg approximately.

Fairuza Balk is the 21st May, 1974 born daughter of Cathryn Balk & her better half, Solomon Feldthouse. She was welcomed by her parents in the California’s Point Reyes, United States & until the age of 2, she resided in the Cloverdale City of Sonoma County, California along with her mom. Subsequently, they shifted to the beautiful City of Vancouver in British Columbia; there she started acting at the young age of 6. The mother & daughter then headed to Paris from London for next role. Actually, Fairuza comes from an entertainment background household, as her father was one among the launching members of “Kaleidoscope”, the 60s psychedelic rock band & her mother has taught, performed & studied the traditional & ethnic forms of dance of various countries like Spain, Morocco, Turkey & Egypt.

Fairuza Balk’s original acting role was at age 9 in a TV film “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” (1983). During her stay in London, she was cast to portray Dorothy Gale by the Walt Disney Productions in the unofficial spin- off to 1939 musical by MGM “The Wizard of Oz” called “Return to Oz”. This role drove to several other, minor parts, counting that in “The Worst Witch”. By the age of 15, Fairuza returned to Vancouver, attending high school. Nonetheless, she anon made a decision to acquire correspondence courses despite & backed to Hollywood, & soon gained elevating popularity as an accomplished actress. In the year 1996, she played the lead in the TV series “The Craft”, & ever since has carried on hitting upon roles, crucial dark ones. A couple of year later, in 1998, Fairuza gave a forceful performance next to Edward Norton in “American History X” & was subsequently featured the movie “The Waterboy”, along with Adam Sandler. She has then landed varieties of roles in dozens of movies since 2000. She has as well done voice- over works for different animated movies & video games, some of which includes “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” & “Justice League”. In the year 2010, the proficient actress also came out with her single entitled “Stormwinds” as Armed Love Militia. Lately, in 2015, she was noticed playing a recurring character in the Showtime television crime drama series “Ray Donovan”. She will be soon seen in the role of Rifka in the impending movie “Another Stateside”.

Further to her personal details, Fairuza Balk is revealed to be of Cherokee & Romani descent from her father & belongs to French & Irish ancestry through her mother. Outside her career in acting, the American gorgeous has started exhibiting art in New York & the City of Los Angeles in 2011.