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Emmanuelle Beart Facts:
Emmanuelle Beart height: 5 feet & 4.5 inches
Weight: 53 kg (117 pounds)
Age: 51 years (August 14, 1963)

After making her career established in her native land of French, the bold & gorgeous looking Emmanuelle Beart rose to fame after portraying the title character in Tom McLoughlin’s 1987 movie “Date with an Angel”. Plunged with natural beauty & allure, the actress is very much alarmed about her professional life & so does towards her personal. Despite of her growing age, she has still succeeded maintaining her façade charm & physical fitness. As for her body statistics, the actress is reported to be standing in a standard height of 5 feet & 4.5 inches, in a slender outline weighing more or less 53 kg.

Emmanuelle Beart as Emmanuelle Beahart- Hasson was welcomed by her parents into this world on 14th of August, 1963. Born in Var’s Saint- Tropez, France, she grew up on their farm located in Gassin along with her sister & brother. The reason behind their upbringing on a farm was that their dad didn’t want his kids get affected by the limelight in Paris. Professionally, her dad, Guy Beart is a poet cum singer while her mom, Genevieve Galea formally was a fashion model. Emmanuelle completed her baccalaureate from the College international Marie de France.

Emmanuelle Beart obtained a role in the movie “Tomorrow’s Children” in the year 1976. Upon her college graduation, the young lass made cameo appearances in few TV programs. She then backed to France so as to join the Paris based drama school & a few time later, Emmanuelle earned her first adult cast in a movie & at age 23, she garnered eminence playing next to Yves Montand in “Manon des Sources”. Her performance in the film as well earned her the Ceasr Award pro Best Supporting Actess” the next year. The actress also bagged a Silver St. George Award for Best Actress during the 19th Moscow International Film Festival pro her portrayal in the movie “A French Woman” (1995). She subsequently came to limelight after appearing nude, at age 39, alongside a younger man in the May 5, 2003 edition of Elle French magazine. The intact 550,000 prints sold out within just 3 days, becoming the top- selling edition in the long history of fashion glossy. She came out as a participant in “Rendez- vous en terre inconnue” in 2005. Lately, the actress has made her starring in the films such as “My Mistress” (2014), “Par exemple, Electre” (2013), & “Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles” (2014).

Coming back to her personal life, Emmanuelle Beart has been wedded for 2 different times, Firstly, she carried a marriage relationship with Daniel Auteuil, an actor. The couple was together for just 2 years, i.e. from 1993 until 1995. From the very year of her divorce with Daniel, the actress got hooked up with David Moreau, an established music producer, until his death via suicide in 2003 May. On the 13th of August, 2008, Emmanuelle got hitched with Michael Cohen, a professional actor. The wedding ceremony was carried out at Belgium’s Genappe, & split up in 2011. Though, she doesn’t share any child with Michael, she is a mother to her 2 kids, Johan Moreau (b. 1996) with David & Nelly Auteuil (b. 1993), with her first husband.