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Boris Johnson Facts:
Boris Johnson height: 5 feet & 9 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 50 years (June 19, 1964)

After ballooning to 224 pounds once, Boris Johnson started watching his daily meals & regular workouts. Though the British politician is not slim enough, he has cut few pounds of his body weight & has landed to an average build at present. He stands in a standard height of 5 feet & 9 inches within a smart personality. The politician is most notably celebrated for his service since 2008 as the Major of London.

50 years old Boris Johnson’s real birth name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. He was born on 19th of June, 1964 & was raised in New York City, New York, United States, the place where he was born. Stanley Johnson, his British father had relocated to the US in order to attend the creative writing classes at the prestigious University of Iowa. His mom, Charlotte Johnson Wahl (nee Fawcett) is too an English belonging to a liberal intellectuals & left- wing family. He is the former scholar of all three of Elton College, Ashdown House School & the European School of Brussels. Afterwards, he studied Classics at the Oxford’s Balliol College, where he came out as the Billingdon club’s member & was elected for the Oxford Union President in the year 1986. Talking about Boris’s personal life history, he has been married twice. His first wedding was at his age of 23, with Allegra Mostyn Own for 6 long years, i.e. from 1987 until 1993). He is presently living with Marina Wheeler, his 2nd wife, since the year 1993. They have 2 sons, Theordore Apollo (b. 1999) & Milo Arthur (b. 1995) & 2 daughters, Cassia Peaches (b. 1997) & Lara Lettice (b. 1993).

Initially coming to civic notice as a novel journalist, Boris Johnson became the Spectator’s editor at the age of 35. He then served as the Henley’s Member of Parliament from 2001 to 2008. Throughout his time in the UK’s House of Common, he became one among the most obvious politician inside the nation, authoring a string of books & appearing regularly on television. Under few Conservative leaders David Cameron & Michael Howard, Boris worked on the opponent front bench, initially as Shadow Cabinate Minister for Culture, Communication & Creative Industries & subsequently pro Higher Education. Lately, on 12th September 2014, the political figure was accepted as the candidate for the Conservative Party for MP in the general election 2015 pro Uxbridge and South Ruislip. He is praised as a noteworthy entertainer & popular figure by supporters, while critics indicted him of homophobia & racism, lethargy & dishonest reporting. Boris is the topic of numerous biographies & several fictionalized portrayals.

Boris Johnson is noted for his distinct untied swab of flaxen hair & bumbling manner. The American born English politician is as well distinguished for his posh & stuttering voice. However Boris holds both the American & British citizenships, he has most recently announced about his intent to bow out the citizenship of US to attest his loyalty towards Britain, on 15th February, 2015. A Conservative Party’s member, Boris Johnson cites himself as a One-nation Conservative & has been linked with both social liberal & economically liberal policies.