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Adrienne Barbeau Facts:
Adrienne Barbeau height: 5 feet & 3.5 inches
Weight: 54 kg (120 pounds)
Age: 69 years (June 11, 1945)

Adrienne Barbeau is now 69, as of her birth date 11th June, 1945.Noted for her short hair, this American actress has later branched out as a professional author making her concrete establishment in the US world of entertainment. Even as, she is walking in her elder age at present, the actress has succeeded maintaining her elegant personality both in front & behind the media & public. In a regular height of 5 feet & 3.5 inches, Adrienne possesses a normal build body with a total weight of about 54 kg.

Adrienne Barbeau was welcomed into this world by her adoring parents, Joseph Barbeau & Armene (nee Nalbandian). She was subsequently brought up in her birth land of Sacramento, California, United States. Her father worked for the Mobil Oil as its public-relations executive, & her mother was simply a home maker. Adrienne carries American origin from her mom & belongs to German, Irish, & French- Canadian ancestry through her dad. She also has a sister named Jocelyn Barbeau & a half- brother named Robert Babreau from her dad’s another marriage. Adrienne earned her education studying at the Del Mar High School, located in SanJose, California. The actress at present lives with her 2nd spouse, Billy Van Zandy, an actor, producer cum playwright. The couple is married since the 31st of December, 1992, behind her divorce with John Carpenter. John is a prominent director & the duo was wedded from 1st of January, 1979 till the year 1984. They share a son named John Cody (b. 7th May, 1984). Adrienne also has 2 sons with her current husband, twins named William Dalton Van Zandt & Walker Steven. She gave birth to them at her age of 51, on 17th March, 1997.

Actively involved in acting since her age of 27, Adrienne Barbeau rose to eminence around the 70s after performing the role of Rizzo in the popular Broadway musical “Grease”. Her success was soon traced out by her portrayal in the television series “Maude”, where the budding actress was seen in the role of Carol Traynor, Maude Findlay’s divorced daughter. Throughout early of 80s, she emerged as a sex symbol of the American film industry, starring in a string of science fiction & horror movies, including “Escape from New York” (1981), “Swamp Things” (1982), “Creepshow” (1982) & “The Fog” (1980), to name a few. With the start of 90s, this winning actress became noted for lending voice to Catwoman, a character in the popular “Batman” The Animated Series” & ensuing cartoon series of Batman. From the year 2003 until 2005, Adrienne made her appearance as the snake dancer named Ruthie in the note worthy HBO sitcom “Carnivale”, & also earned notoriety for portraying varieties of characters in the well accepted series & films, such as “Cold Case” (2008), “Reach for Me” (2008), “Unholy” (2007), “General Hospital” (2010- 2011), “Revenge” (2012), “Argo” (2012) & most recently “Criminal Minds” (2014).

Off her career in acting, this celebrated actress has also branched out her career in writing. To date, she has released 3 different books, counting her autobiography entitled “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”, released in 2006.