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Ciara Janson Facts:
Ciara Janson height: 5 feet & 5.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 27 years (April 27, 1987)

Currently 27, Ciara Janson is a well known big & small screen actress originally from England. She has made a special heart in her audiences’ hearts as Nicole Owen, her character in the television series “Hollyoaks”. The sexy looking English actress has an average outline with long legs & tempting personality. As for her recent physical statistics, though the actress has not disclosed about her latest body weight & measurements’, her height is reported to be exact 5 feet & 5.5 inches.

Ciara Janson was born & raised in Surrey, England, United Kingdom. Her father, David Janson is a prominent English actor & her mother Debbie Arnold too holds an accomplished career in acting, most notably for her soap opera roles. Her parents’ separated with a divorce in 2002, behind 13 years long marriage. She initially studied at the Danes High School, from where she earned her graduation degree before getting admission into the Epsom College. Ciara’s official birth is said to be 27th of April, 1987. Her name “Ciara” is pronounced as “Kee- rah”, resembling its more ordinary spelling, Keira.She also has a sweet sister named Talia, with whom she spent a very wonderful childhood together.

Since her mere age of 2, Ciara has been performing voice-over acts for different advertisements, adopting diverse of accents. She earned her original major television role was in the series “Hollyoaks”, playing Nicole Owen, one of her most noteworthy characters to date. Earlier parts count her role as Heidi pro a popular radio drama on BBC. Ciara departed from “Hollyoaks” in the September of 2006. Afterwards, she made her stage debut playing in the production “Bad Blood” carried out at the famous Key Theatre. At the age of 22, she made her entrance in West End, portraying Louise in the musical “New Boy” held at the Trafalgar Studios in 2009. The next year, she was seen playing the character Belinda in the Lighthouse Theatre production of the musical “Pop Star! The Musical”, traced out by her cameo in a single episode of the television sitcom “Holby City” as Zoe Clinton.

Ciara Janson has also come out as a prolific voice actress, & is a customary voice on the BBC Three, & her far- reaching radio credits count the novel version of Disney Channel’s “The Famous Five” & several other dramas for the BBC Radio 4. Ciara as well comes out as Amy, a new companion of the Doctor in a widely acclaimed trilogy of associated “Doctor Who” auditory drama, starting with the Big Finish Productions’ “The Judgement of Isskar” in the year 2009. She as well reprised the role in the 2010- 2013’s “Graceless”. She as well provided voice to the character Lucy in the 1st & 2nd season of the television series “64 Zoo Lane” at age 12. Her most recent voice-over role was that of Xylie in the 2010 released animated movie “Barbie in A Mermaid Tale”.