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Robert De Niro Facts:
Robert De Niro height: 5 feet & 9.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 71 years (August 17, 1943)

17th August, 1943 born Robert De Niro is an eminent American actor, producer as well as director who have till date starred in more than 90 films. He has an average build body standing in a normal height of 5 feet & 9.5 inches. However his present body weight is not disclosed, it is often revealed that Robert had a frequent body weight fluctuation concerning varieties of movies roles.

Robert De Niro, the son of Robert De Niro, Sr. & his beloved wife Virginia Admiral, was born in a beautiful Greenwich Village, located at Lower Manhattan, New York. His father who belonged to Irish & Italian descent was an abstract expressionist sculptor & painter while his mother was of multiple descents including English, Dutch, Irish, German & French, & was too a painter & poet. Robert’s parents, who firstly met during the painting class in the Hans Hofmann, Provincetown, Massachusetts, ended their marriage with a divorce when Robert was 3 years of age. Then he was raised both in the Greenwich Village & Little Italy in lower Manhattan by his mom. Until his 6th grade, he went to a public elementary school PS 41, Manhattan & later attended the Elisabeth Irwin High School for his 7th & 8th grades. He as well joined the McBurney School & Rhodes Preparatory School for his high school study but never completed his graduation from either of the schools. To date, Robert has been married for the total of 2 times. His first marriage was with Diahnne Abbott in the year 1976, with whom he shares a son named Raphael, a real estate businessman who previously was an actor. Behind his separation with Diahnne, he tied knot with Grace Hightower, an actress. The couple together welcomed a son in the year 1998 & split up in 1999 but again recoinciled in 2004, since then the couple are together. Robert as well has 4 more children, a daughter through adoption & a daughter & 2 sons via surrogacy. He also had a long term relationship with Toukie Smith, a former model.

Though Robert De Niro initially discovered his affection for acting when he was 10, his very first movie role arrived at age 20, in the 1963 movie “The Wedding Party”, but the movie wasn’t launched until the year 1969. He firstly gained the public attention in the 1973’s “Bang the Drum Slowly”, but raised to prominence as a capricious actor through the movie “Mwan Streets”, which was too released the same year. Following his acclaims for the 1974 movie “The Godfather: Part II”, Robert became the Academy Award nominee for the best actor category on behalf of his remarkable roles in the movies such as Taxi Driver (1976), Cape Fear (1991) & The Deer Hunter (1978), & won the title for portraying Jake LaMotta in the 1980 hit movie “Ragging Bull”. Besides starring in the varieties of films, Robert heads ‘Tribeca Film Center’, his own production house, & made his stand as a director since 1993 through the movie “A Bronx Tale”.

One of the all time legendary American actors, Robert De Niro has been providing his huge contribution to the film industry since the early 60s. Popular for his violent annoyed & yet prevalent depressed roles in the films, Robert is widely known for his unique method acting techniques together. Along with his numerous nominations & awards for his splendid movie performances, this endowed actor has even bagged the AFI Life Achievement Award in the year 2003 & the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2010.