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Jean Paul Belmondo Facts:
Jean Paul Belmondo height: 5 feet & 9.75 inches
Weight: 64 kg (143 pounds)
Age: 82 years (April 9, 1933)

Initially connected with the 60s’ ‘New Wave’, Jean Paul Belmondo is one of the prominent French actors. As he has now reached his early 80s years of life, the actor shows pretty less n- screen appearances since a couple of years. Middling out framed Jean has a standard height of 5 feet & 9.75 inches approximately. Though his current weight is still to be updated, the actor was listed to be around 64 kg few years back.

As ean Paul Charles Belmondo he was born on 9th April, 1933. He belongs to the Neuilly-sur-Seine commune, located in the western suburbs of Paris, France, where he was born & passed his entire childhood. Though, he didn’t perform well during his schooling, he was passionate about football & boxing while growing up. Additional to his original name, the actor is also recognized with his nickname “Bebel”. Professionally, his dad, Paul Belmondo served as a sculptor. Paul belonged to Italian ancestry originally from Algeria.

Jean Paul Belmondo debuted as an amateur boxer on May 10, 1949 in the Capital City, Paris, knocking out fellow player Rene DesMarais in additional one round. His career in boxing was undefeated, however brief. Jean won 3 straight foremost knock-out victories between 1949 & 1950. Afterwards, at age 27, he earned his breakthrough part in “Breathless” by Jwan- Luc Godard, making him a chief figure within the French New Wave. Subsequently, he landing acting in 2 different Jean- Pierre Melville’s films, the 1961 released philosophical “Leon Morin, Priest” & the 1963 crime movie “The Fingerman”. In 1965, the actor was seen in “Pierrot le fou” & “That Man From Rio”, followed by his switch to an array of commercials, mainstream endeavors, mostly comedies & action movies bud did portrayal of the title character in “Stavisky” (1974), by Alain Resnais, which few critics consider as Jean’s finest performance. As he stepped into his elderly, the actor preferred focusing upon his stage ventures, where he bumped into success. Jean faced a stroke in the year 2001, & had since been gone from the theatre & the on- screen until the year 2009, when he made his appearance in “Un home et son chien”. The veteran of acting, Jean was honored with the Carer Achievement Award by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards in 2010. He attended the function & appeared in the LA area.

At the age of 20, Jean- Pierre Melville tied knot with Elodie Constantin. Together they welcomed their 3 adorable kids, Paul (b. 1963), Florence (b. 1960) & Patricia (b. 1958). His oldest daughter, Patricia breathed her last in 1994 in a fire. Jean & his wife divorced because of his extra marital affair with Ursula Andress, an actress. Today, he has 6 grandchildren, 3 from Paul, namely Giacomo, Victor & Alessandro & 3 from Florence, namely Nicholas, Christopher & Annabelle. In the year 1989, Jean met actress Natalie Tardivel, who at the time was just 24 years old. The duo official wedded in 2002. On 13th of August, 2003, he became father to his fourth kid, Stella Eva Angelina. Jean was seventy at the time. He & Natalie divorced in 2008.