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Peter Jurasik Facts:
Peter Jurasik height: 5 feet & 10.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 64 years (April 25, 1950)

After working for a while as a stage actor, Peter Jurasik made his hands in television & films ventures. This grey headed actor is now running in his mid 60s though shows his activism in different big & small screen production. He seems to be very optimistic concerning his diets, hence prefer taking healthy meals, however the actor has not revealed about his daily workouts & exercises schedule, his recent body weight is still to be mentioned over his official web pages. Now, talking about his stature, Peter is reported to be approximately 5 feet & 10.5 inches tall in an average build.

64 years old Peter Jurasik was born & brought up in Queens, New York, United States. He is the 25th April, 1950 born child of his American parents. He is the 3rd among his 4 siblings. Now, he resides in North Carolina’s Wilmington together with his spouse & son & is renowned for his acting pro the camera coaching in the University of North Carolina’s Film Studies & Theatre Department. Peter formally participated in numbers of plays during his study at the University of New Hampshire.

Amongst Peter Jurasik’s most note worthy guest starring are Dr. Oberon Geiger & an entomologist in 3 different episodes of the series “Sliders” & a single episode of the popular TV sitcom “MacGyver”. He is also praised for appearing as Captain Triplett, a CID inspector in a couple of episodes of well accepted television series “M*A*S*H”. He also landed a role of Mitch Kline in “Bay City Blues”, the 1983 short- lived CBS network sitcom & in the year 1989, he was seen portraying Dr. Simon in a single episode of series “Columbo: Sex and the Marriage Detective”. Peter’s movie roles count Crome & Roy in the 1982 released movie “Tron”, alongside Bruce Boxleitner, his future co- star of Babylon 5 & in the 1990 film “Problem Child”, respectively. He was picked as one of the main cast in the popular TV series “Hill Street Blues”, playing Sid Thurston aka Sid the Snitch from the year 1982 until 1987. He next main role was in the 1993- 1998 television sitcom “Babylon 5”, where Peter was noticed playing Londo Mollari, an ambassador. In the year 2000, the actor made his appearance in an audio venture of “Doctor Who” called “Winter for the Adept”.

Moreover to acting, Peter Jurasik along with writer William H. Keith, Jr. wrote a sci- fi novel “Diplomatic Act”. The journal is quite parallel in story & tone to “Galaxy Quest”, the sitcom which was launched a year later. Since a few years, Peter is making his low appearances on both public & on-screen ventures but can be occasionally noticed on different charitable programs & award functions.