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Michael Pena Facts:
Michael Pena height: 5 feet & 7 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 38 years (January 13, 1976)

38 years old American Actor cum musician, Michael Pena was born on 13th January, 1976 in the City of Chicago, Illinois, United States. He has a toned masculine physique along with an average height of more or less 5 feet & 7 inches. Though his body weight keeps on fluctuating according to the need of the film role, Michael’s exact body weight is not revealed in any of his official sites.

Michael with his full birth name Michael Anthony Pena was born as the son to a beautiful couple, Eleuterio Pena & Nicolasa Pena. Both of his parents were initially farmers & immigrants of Mexico. His father who worked as a button factor employee was the native of Villa Purification, Jalisco whereas his social worker mother was the native of Charcas, San Luis Potosi. Regarding his educational status, Michael Pena is a graduate of the Hubbard High School, Chicago, where he was a very good skateboard player. Grown up with his only brother with a Mexican- American background, Michael formally worked several jobs before pursuing a professional career in acting. One amongst his multiple odd jobs includes his service as a banker. In the year 2006, he got hitched with Brie Shaffer, a poet, actress, screenwriter & a fine artist with whom he is parenting their very first child, a son named Roman Pena (born in September 2008).

Since 1994, Michael Pena has been a habitual in several independent productions. His breakthrough roles arrived in 2007, at age 31, with the 2 different Best Picture Oscar winning movies by Paul Haggis, “Crash” & “Million Dollar Baby”. The next year he performed in the popular FX channel’s sitcom “The Shield”. He also worked next to Mark Wahlberg in the 2007 movie “Shooter”, prior to which he had too appeared as Sal Castro in the 2006 HBO movie “Walkout”. His further notable movies are World Trade Center (2006), Observee and Report (2009), Tower Heist (2011), Battle: Los Angeles (2011), 30 Minutes or Less (2011), gangster Squad (2013), End of Watch (2012), American Hustle (2013) & Cesar Chavez (2014). Besides his movies performances & cameos in the television sitcoms, this elegant actor as well has provided his voice to the popular animated film Turbo (2013) & still working on the voice role in the upcoming animated film “Hell & Back” (2014).

Michael is actually an avid devotee of acting who at present has earned a wide popularity through his uphill struggle in the field of filming. For his endeavoring performances, this aspirant actor has been selected as a nominee for several honorable titles & has too been decorated by various prestigious awards counting Screen Actors Guild Award (2013), Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award (2013) & Imagen Award (2014). At present, he is occupying himself in the filming of his few impending movies, including Fury (2014), The Vatican Tapes (2015) & Ant- Man (2015).