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Jamie Bell Facts:
Jamie Bell height: 5 feet & 7 inches
Weight: 55 kg (121 pounds)
Age: 29 years (March 14, 1986)

Though it has not yet completed a decade that Jamie Bell has enrolled himself in the show business, he has succeeded earning quite a wide fame within the industry. Recently 29, the young & enthusiastic British actor has also built his concrete reputation as a proficient dancer. The slender looking actor has not yet revealed about his day to day workout schedule is even cagey about his regular diet plan. As for his current body weight, Jamie measures approximately 55 kg in a middling height of 5 feet & 7 inches.

Jamie Bell’s real birth name is Andrew james Matfin Bell. He first opened his eyes in the beautiful Billingham town of County Durham, England on 14th of March, 1986. He was raised there by his mom, Eileen (nee Matfin) & older sister, Kathryn Bell. His dad, John Bell, who formerly was a tool- maker, abandoned the family before Jamie was born. He studied at the local comprehensive school, Nortfield School, where he attended performing arts classes at an area franchise of famous Stagecoach Theatre Arts. Jamie was as well a component of NYMT (National Youth Music Theatre”, in London.

Jamie Bell commenced his involvement in dancing following his attendance at ballet classes along with his sister. His professional career in entertainment started as soon as he reached the age of 13, after being selected among 2,000 boys pro the part of title character in the British drama movie “Billy Elliot” by Stephen Daldry. He has then appeared as Smike, a disabled servent in the 2002’s “Deathwatch”, traced out by his roles in “Dear Wendy”, “Undertow”, “King Kong” & “Chumscrubber”, among others. In the year 2007, the flourishing young actor portrayed the title part in “Hallam Foe”, garnering a nomination pro the Best Actor Award during the British Independent Film Awards. Afterwards, he was seen as himself in “KateModer”, the spin- off of 2005- 2008’s lonelygirl15. He landed roles in 2 different movies in 2008, namely “Defiance” & “Jumper”. A year later, it was confirmed that Jamie would portray the title character in the movie “The Adventures of Tintin”, along with British twofold act Nick Frost & Simon Pigg. The film garnered a U.S. launch on December 21, 2011 & a U.K. launch on October 26, 2011. In 2013, the actor starred along with James McAvoy in “Filth”, Jon S. Baird’s crime comedy drama film. Since the year 2014, he is playing Abraham Woodhull in the AMC’s “TURN: Washington’s Spies” & is scheduled with the post production of his upcoming superhero movie “Fantastic Four” by Josh Trank. He would be playing The Thing/ Ben Grimm in the film.

With a close glance over the personal life of Jamie Bell, he is unveiled to be father of is only son with Evan Rachel Wood, a prominent American actress. Though the couple has now separated, they remained together for 9 long years & were married since the 30th of October, 2012. The actor separates his time between New York & London.