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Jessie James Facts:
Jessie James height: 5 feet & 0 inches
Weight: 5o kg (110 pounds)
Age: 26 years (April 12, 1988)

American country artist Jessie James began to sing at the early age of 2. As a child, she was too much fascinated towards music & songs & following her heart, the stunning lady has professionally made her fame before the world as one of the recognized US country pop singer, songwriter as well as reality television celebrity. Recently 26, the American singer besides her natural beauty holds a sizzling figure with perfect curves & slenderness. Normally weighing 50 kg, Jessie stands in quite elfin height of accurate 5’. However, the singer knows how to carry herself perfectly in front of public.

Born as Jessica Rose James, Jessie’s official birth date is reported to be 12th April, 1988, as of which she has now stepped into her 26. Grown up in her birth land of Vicenza City, Italy, the US beauty shares “Rose”, her middle name with her only daughter named Vivianne Rose Decker (b. 18th March, 2014). The child’s father is her husband Eric Decker, with whom she is wedded since the 22nd of June, 2013. Professinally, Eric is a starting wide-receiver of the NFL’s (National Football League) New York Jets, who formally played pro the Denver, Colorado, based Denver Broncos.

With her initiation in singing at the age of 2, Jessie James earned her foremost talent competition at age 9 in Louisiana’s Baker singing the song called “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”. By then, the vigorous lass started writing an array of songs on her plastic guitar & subsequently performed at Georgia’s Warner Robins & SeaWorld in 2000. She professionally came out as a singer at the age of 20 after being signed by the Mercury Records. She soon debuted with her self- titled original collection in the August of 2009, reaching No. 23 on the list of Billboard 2000. Afterwards, she performed along with Carlos Mencia, comedian & Kid Rock, a prominent singer cum rapper in Middle East pro US troops posted overseas. In 2010, she started working upon her 2nd collection “Sweet American Dreams”, formally scheduled to lunch late of that summer. “Boys in the Summer”, the original single was aired in June with minor country sensation but failed landing on the Hot 100 chart of Billboard. Having resisted with accommodating her career lane as a pop artist, Jessie told her record label around the middle of arrangements for her collection that she didn’t actually want to become a pop singer & yearn for recording country music. She then commenced into the country genre & started recording during 2011 April. “When You Say My Name” & “Military Man”, were subsequently released on 31st January, 2012 & 22nd May, 2012, respectively. Jessie was removed from the roster Show Dog Universal in 2013. She then launched “Comin’ Home” as her debut extended play on 18th April, 2014.

Branching out, Jessie James along with her spouse Eric currently stars in the popular E! reality program “Eric & Jessie: Game On”. Moreover, she has stated Shaina Twain, Shelby Lynne, Christina Aguilere, Janis Joplin, Bobbie Gentry & Jessica Simpson to be her highest influences. Formally, she also cited that she wished a career alike to that of Shania & Bobbie, who were initially dealt to pop record labels however found crossover achievement in both pop & country music.