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Kurt Cobain Facts:
Kurt Cobain height: 5 feet & 9 inches
Weight: 49- 63 kg (110- 140 pounds)
Age: 27 years (born 1963- died 1994)

Kurt Cobain, an all time greatest rock‘n’roll idol, was a popular American artist & musician, who died at the young age of 27 on 5th April, 1994. 20th February, 1967 born Kurt was of slender build in an average height of 5 feet & 9 inches. This skinny artist normally weighed 49 kg to 63 kg.

Kurt Donald Cobain, popular as both, Kurt Cobain & Kurdt Kobain was born to his parents’ Wendy Elizabeth (nee Fradenburg) & Donald Leland Cobain at Grays Harbor Hospital, Aberdeen, Washington. He was the only brother of his younger biological sister Kimberly & two half- siblings, Chad Cobain & Brianne O’ Conner. Kurt’s ancestry included, English, Irish, German & Scottish. His father was an automobile mechanic whereas his mother was a waitress. When he was in his 7, his parents got separated, whose profound effect was noticed on his daily life. In the second month of 1992 Kurt tied knot with Courtney Love, a famous singer & his girlfriend who was pregnant with their first child, a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Being from a musical family background, Kurt Cobain was influenced towards music since his childhood days. In 1985, he left Aberdeen & rushed towards Olympia chasing his musical interest, there he launched a new band ‘Nirvana’ in the year 1989. Nirvana’s debut album was released on 1989 under Sub- Pop records, entitled ‘Bleach’. Initially Nirvana gained positive responses from the audiences & became very famous in Britain. Around 1991, this band signed a deal with Geffen label & shortly aired their next record ‘Nevermind’. This album turned out as the 90s masterpiece & dragged Kurt’s Nirvana to the success peak. Listed as one of the most popular & successful bands worldwide, Kurt found the new high class lifestyle hard to accept. At late 1992, they came with their appealing album ‘Incesticide’ which was followed by another collection ‘In Utero’ (1993), which resulted as the chart topping album. On 4th March, 1994 Kurt Cobain was hurriedly admitted in the hospital due to his unsuccessful suicidal attempt, which was officially stated as a deadly accident. Then he was convinced by his friends & family to seek a rehab, but shortly on 8th April, his dead body was found at his Seattle house. He was shot dead by himself & there was a suicide note addressing his beloved wife Courtney & his only daughter Frances.

Celebrated for his all time hit band ‘Nirvana’ & his messy appearance, Kurt Cobain is always taken an example in the rock music. An artist with long blond grimy hair & unshaved façade, Kurt reached to the people’s heart through his nihilistic & intensely personal lyrics. Among his numerous hit songs, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, is the most popular one which was ranked #3 out of 100 all time best pop songs, by MTV & Rolling Stone Magazine. In the year 2003, Rolling Stone magazine has even named him as 12th best guitarist of all time.