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Colin Baker Facts:
Colin Baker height: 6 feet & 0 inches
Weight: 109 kg (240 pounds)
Age: 71 years (June 8, 1943)

White headed Colin Baker is a well known face which frequently pops over the broad screen of television, & is best celebrated for playing The Doctor’s 6th incarnation in the long- running sci-fi TV sitcom “Doctor Who” (1984- 1986). Professionally an actor since 1969, Colin has a striking towering height of precise 6 feet in a chubby out frame. As for his current body weight, the actor is reported to be around 109 kg.

71 years old Colin Baker is originally from Waterloo district of Central London, England, the place where he was born & was raised till his 3 year of age. Afterwards, he along with his family unit shifted north to the market town of Rochdale. He belongs to Irish descent through his mother. He collected his education studying at the St Bede’s College, Manchester, & formally studied to pursue a solicitor career. At age 23, he got enrolled into LAMDA (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

Active in acting since the age of 26, Colin Baker’s one among the earliest acting jobs was a assisting role in the BBC adaption of trilogy of Jean Paul Sartre, “The Roads to Freedom”. Behind few other roles, the actor as well performed in one more BBC production, called “The Citadel” by A.J. Cronin. He is widely noted for landing roles in the popular television sitcom “Doctor Who”. Colin’s foremost appearance in the sitcom was in 3 different episodes of the year 1989, as the character Commander Maxil. He became one of the major casts of the very sitcom, & started playing the role of Doctor from 1984 until 1986. His further notable television roles count in the series such as “Casualty” (1989), “The Knock” (1997), “Dangerfield” (1999), “Top Gear” (2003), “Kingdom” (2009), & “Doctors” (2001, 2006, 2009 & 2011), among others. He also was formally seen as the 6th Doctor in “Doctor Who: Dimension in Time” in 1993, followed by his reprisal role of The Doctor in “Doctor Who: real Time” in the year 2002. Besides this, Colin has also made his starring in an array of movies, such as “The Harpist” (1999), “Drive Carefully, Darling” (1975), “The Asylum” (2000), & so forth. Recently, in the year 2014, the actor was seen in as Grandad & William Fallon in “Finding Richard” & “Shadows of a Stranger”. Reportedly, he will be soon emerging in the role of John Harold in the 2015 releasing movie “The Mild Bunch”. His most recent television portrayal was an uncredited role in an episode of “Star Trek Continues” in 2015.

Colin Baker, at present lives with his 2nd spouse, Marion Baker, with whom he walked down the aisle in 1982. The couple has 5 children together, including Rosie Baker, Lally Baker, Bindy Baker & Lucy Baker. Previously in 1976, he tied knot with Liza Goddard, & was together for a couple of years until the divorce confirmation.