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Harrison Ford Facts:
Harrison Ford height: 6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 98 kg (218 pounds)
Age: 71 years (July 13, 1942)

Harrison Ford with a nickname ‘Harry’ is one of the listed illustrious US film actor as well as producer. An old man of 71 in his 6 feet 1 inch, Harry has now an average out frame along with his ups & downs body weight. As of current record, he is said to be around 98 kg.

Harrison Ford was born as the eldest of 2 sons born to his parents, Dorothy (nee Dora Nidelman) & Christopher Ford (birth name John William Ford) at Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. He has a junior brother named Terence, who was born at his 3. At the time, his mother was simply a house wife who previously was a radio actress while his father worked as an ad executive & too was a former actor. Being an active member of the ‘Boys Scouts of America’, Harrison was honored with its second topmost rank, i.e. Life Scout. Attending the Maine East High School, Park Ridge, Illinois, Harry earned his graduation degree from there in 1960. He later went to the Ripon College, located at Wisconsin & became an active member of a college fraternity, Sigma Nu. Looking to Harrison’s marriage history, it is known that he has been married for 3 times, till the date. He is the father of altogether 5 children, 2 sons, Willard & Benjamin, from his first marriage with Mary Marquardt, whereas 2 children, Georgia & Malcolm through his relationship with Melisa Mathison, a screenwriter plus Harry’s second wife. Subsequently, he wedded to Calista Flockhart on 15th June, 2010, following their affair since 2002. Presently, the couple resides together along with Liam, Calista’s adopted son. Harrison also has 3 grandchildren, namely Ethan (b. 2000), Giuliana (b. 1997) & Eliel (b. 1993).

Participating in the drama classes during his college’s final year in order to get rid of his shyness, Harrison Ford ultimately got enthralled towards acting. He initially headed to Los Angeles, California searching a voice-over job in broadcasting. Although he failed achieving a radio job, Harry stayed in Los Angeles & in due course signed a deal of $150 with the Columbia Pictures’ program ‘New Talent’, portraying tiny roles in movies. Harrison’s foremost known role was a little uncredited character as a bellboy in 1966’s ‘Dead Heat on a Merry- Go- Round’. Playing several uncredited roles, in 1967 Harry for the first time portrayed a credited character ‘Harrison J. Ford’ in ‘A Time for Killing’, a western movie. He shortly dropped the letter ‘J’, which doesn’t meant anything to him & started working for the Universal Studios, performing few minor parts in several television sitcoms during the end 1960s & early 1970s. Eventually, he was offered with many television series as well as movies. He later rose in prominence for portraying Han Solo in ‘Stars Wars’ original trilogy & also through his title role in the film series ‘Indiana Jones’. He is also best known for his notable characters in the movies like Blade Runner (1982), Witness (1985), Patriot Games (1992), Clear & Present Danger (1994), including more others. Harrison’s acting career has covered 6 decades & comprises accepted characters in many Hollywood blockbusters, counting Presumed Innocent (1990), Apocalypse Now (1979), Air Force One (1997), The Fugitive (1993) & What Lies Beneath (2000). At a point, 4 among the top 6 all time box office hits included at least a single of his film roles.

Hollywood star of 1980s & 90s, Harrison Ford is celebrated as one of the living legend in the American film industry. Starring since 1966, this icon has not only earned nominations & awards for his roles but has also collected a huge mass of fans & their support through his luminous contribution for the entire entertainment industry. Alike rare Hollywood stars, a total of his 8 movies have been introduced into the NFR (National Film Registered), which is said to be the fortune to each stars career. Furthermore, this aged persona is as well celebrated in the entertainment field as the fourth greatest grossing American domestic box office superstar.