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Michael Biehn Facts:
Michael Biehn height: 6 feet & 0 inches
Weight: 79 kg (175 pounds)
Age: 58 years (July 31, 1956)

It has now become about 4 long decades that Michael Biehn has been making his tremendous contributions to the entertainment world. Professionally an American actor cum director, Michael has now reached 58 years of his life, though has successfully maintained his elegant personality. Crammed with talent & dexterity, the actor has an average mannish build standing in an impressive towering height of accurate 6 feet. In order to stay fit & healthy, the actor prefers regular runs & more often hits gym. All through these fitness measures, he has today acquired a regular body weight of roughly 79 kg.

Michael Biehn is the native of Anniston City, Alabama, United States. He was born on 31st of July, 1956, as the second of 3 kids of Don Biehn & his better half, Marcia (nee Connell). All through the early days, his mom was occupied with her domestic stuffs while his dad served as a lawyer. As a young boy, Michael relocated to the Lincoln City, Nebraska & subsequently settle in the Lake Havasu City, Arizona. While in Arizona, he joined a local high school & got enrolled in its drama club prior to graduation. He then went to the University of Arizona & majored in drama program, there he was also a fraction of the fraternity called, Sigma Nu, earlier to his rush towards Hollywood.

Michael Biehn made his commence in films with a small part in “Grease”, the 1978 released musical romantic comedy drama movie by Randal Kleiser. At the age of 25, he was seen in the role of stalker named Douglas Breen in the horror thriller film “The Fan” by Edward Bianchi. After landing further roles, the actor earned recognition for portraying Sgt. Kyle Reese in the 1984 US science fiction action movie “The Terminator” alongside Linda Hamilton & Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hiss next note worthy role was in James Cameron’s sci-fi action horror “Aliens” in 1986. Side by side to his filming ventures Micheal also went on landing roles on small screen productions, such as “Hill Street Blues”, “Strapped”, “Asteroid”, “The Magnificient Seven”, “Adventure Inc.”, “Hawaii”, & so forth. Coming back to his big screen endeavors, the actor was recently noticed in 3 different 2014 released films, “Trapped Out”, “The Dark Forest” & “Hidden in the Woods”, playing Reggie, Oscar Crocker & Peter, respectively. Addition to his on- screen works, Michael has even worked as a director in movies such as, “The Blood Bond” (2010) & “The Victim” (2011). As a voice-over actor, he has worked in couple of video games, including “Aliens: Colonial Marines” (2013), “Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun” (1999) & “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” (2013).

Married for 2 different times, Michael Biehn currently lives with Jennifer Blanc, a professional actress & his sweetheart since the late of 2008. Formerly from 11th July, 1980 to 1987, he was wedded to Carlene Olson, with whom he even shares twin sons, Taylor & Devon (born 1984). Later, he walked down the aisle with Gina Nash. The couple welcomed 2 sons, Alexander (born 19th March, 2003) & Caelan Michael (born 11th April, 1992), prior to their divorce in the year 2008.