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Lil Duval Facts:
Lil Duval height: 5 feet & 2 inches
Weight: 59 kg (130 pounds)
Age: 37 years (June 12, 1977)

37 years old Lil Duval is a popular US stand- up comedian, who was born on 12th June, 1977. An eminent comic Lil with a total net worth of $500 thousands stands 5 feet 2 inches in an average out frame weighing no more than 59 kg.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States born Lil Duval’s birth name is said to be Roland Powell. He took on ‘Lil Duval’ as his stage name to pay reverence to his native land, Duval County, Florida. Lil studied at the First Coast High School & completed his graduation degree from there sooner than he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Lil sings at the Palatka High School & at the Beasley Middle School & was named as a super star of his homeland.

As soon Lil Duval shifted to Atlanta, Georgia, he started working inside the comedic encircles, performing stand- up comedies at the Uptown Comedy Corner, Atlanta staple, which drove him towards becoming a customary performer. In the year 2001, he performed on the Oakland Bay Area Competition, which landed him before an offer by a road manager, Cedric the Entertainer aka Cedric Antonio Kyles. Accepting the proposal he performed featuring Cedric together with 4 additional comedians on the “Budweiser” tour. Shortly Lil was invited by the Cedric in order to perform on ‘Cedric the Entertainer: Starting Lineup’, Cedric’s television special. In the year 2003, Lil launched his underground comedy tape entitled ‘Dat Boy Funny’; this also featured quite a lot of forthcoming comedians featuring parodies sarcastic events & colorful sketches in pop mores. The next year, he became a accepted featured comic performer on 3 seasons of ‘ComicView’, a stand- up comedy television show on BET network. This polished comedian subsequently aired his 2nd DVD, entitled ‘Put Your Hands on Me’, during the year 2005. That very year, Lil appeared in ‘Choices II: The Setup’, an independent film by a popular hip hop group Three 6 Mafia, in addition to his featuring on several satires of the movie’s soundtrack. Lil Duval will furthermore be performing as ‘Bam- Bam’, in ‘School Dance’, a comedy- drama movie.

Earning a spacious name & fame as a stand- up comedian, Lil Duval additional has also collected fans through his appearances on a number of music videos, such as T. I’s ‘Rubberband Man’, ‘Be Easy’, ‘No Matter What’, ‘Whatever You Like’ additional to Yung Joc’s ‘Coffee Shop’, Piles’s ‘Shawty’, Young Jeezy’s ‘My President’, Young Dro’s ‘FDB’ & many more. Moreover, this slapstick comedian is also involved in writing for the trendy Ozone magazine. Lil is as well a habitual series to few MTV2 programs like ‘Hip Hop Squares’ & ‘Guy Code’. Starting in the July of 2013, he even hosts a MTV2 show “Ain’t That America”, a viral video television show.