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Chris Powell Facts:
Chris Powell height: 5 feet & 8 inches
Weight: 84 kg (185 pounds)
Age: 34 years (March 2, 1980)

2nd March, 1980 born 34 years old, Chris Powell is an American reality show celebrity, personal trainer, talk show host & author. He has a regular height of 5 feet & 8 inches with a masculine physique, which he has gained through his regular workouts. This trainer & transformation specialist has a normal body weight of 84 kg.

Chris Powell was born & raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He studied at the Arizona State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree of Exercise Science additional with concentrations in physiology & biochemistry. He has also earned the certification of Certifies Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS). Fitness guru, Chris Powell is married to his long time sweetheart Heidi Powell, together with whom he has 2 children, a little son named William Cash Powell, who was born on 13th June, 2011 & a baby girl named Ruby Lane Powell, who was born on 16th November, 2013. He as well is a step father of 2 more children, Marley & Matix, which he got through his wife’s previous marriage. Chris once had stated that his 3 children together with his beloved wife are the utmost important ones for him in the whole world & adds that its really beautiful to be around own family as life can’t search out any better.

With an interest towards personal fitness, Chris since his early teen started weightlifting. In the year 2008, he co-established a weight loss website, ReshapeThe Nation.com, together with David Smith, his former customer. Above a 26 month duration, Chris saved Mr. Smith lose over 400 pounds. Ever since, he has released 2 books, “Chris Powell’s Choose More Loss More for Life” & “Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution”. Since the year 2011, he works as a personal trainer & host on an American reality television sitcom ‘Extreme Weight Loss’. Chris has too appeared as a guest on some television talk shows like “Good Morning America”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “20/20” & “The View”, & has a webisodes series on ABC network, entitled “Meet the Powell Pack”, in which he appears next to his family. Together with Chris, his wife Heidi is also a fitness guru, who not only instructs the workout routines but also tutors about the healthy cooking recipes.

Today, Chris Powell has not just earned his name & fame through his television series work, but has occupied a huge space in people’s memory through his effectual workouts & exercise techniques which especially helps out those individuals whose daily living have become uncontrollable due to their obese weight & still desires further from own life: more energy, more strength, more vitality, more stamina & more fun. He is furthermore admired for his fitness goal which is big, however simple, i.e. to circulate the knowledge & generate the tools required for reversing the obesity inclination in the United States, which ultimately will helps the country decrease the rate of obesity health issues, including heart diseases, stroke, diabetes & of course different types of cancer.