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Celina Jade Facts:
Celina Jade height: 5 feet & 4.5 inches
Weight: 45.5 kg (100 pounds)
Age: 29 years (June 10, 1985)

Celina Jade born as Celina Jade is actually a quadruple threat: a model, actress, songwriter, singer & a martial artist. This sexy & alluring Chinese American beauty has now crossed her 29, as of her official birth date 10th June, 1985. Active in acting since few years, the actress has succeeded making a stable place in entertainment industry all through her talent & tempting personality. A devoted fitness follower, Celina normally weighs 45.5 kg in an average height of 4 feet & 4.5 inches.

Actress Celina Jade is the daughter of Roy Horan, a Kung Fu star. She was born on 10th June, 1985 in Hong Kong. She carries American descent from her dad & is of Chinese inheritance through her mom. Her father is internationally famed for sharing the wide screen amid the legendary Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee.

Celina Jade has been carrying action fighting since a very young age & her ardor confirms in her pilot role in the 2008 released Hong Kong action film “Legendary Assassin”. From an early age, it was palpable that she would become an entertainer in her future. Her passion for music drove her to win the Asia- wide singing contest at age 14, following which she earned a recording deal with Tetsuya Komuro, a Japanese producer. Together, they launched 2 EPs, “Kwong Ying Zi Gan” & “Good News Bad News”. At 15, the young lass had her original number one hit with “Kwong Ying Zi Gang” throughout Taiwan. At different point in her initial singing career, Celina also signed deals with Paco Wong, Golden Typhoon & Terry McBridge. She has ever since been featured inside diverse advertisement campaigns for Ponds, Motorola, Cathay Pacific & Marks & Spencer, globally. She independently liberated her foremost self- written collection over the internet. Speaking about her professional acting career, Celina has made her starring both on big & small screen projects, some of which includes “All’s Well, Ends Well 2009”, “The Man with the Iron Fists” (2012), “Wish Upom a Star” (2011), “Mister French Taste” (2012), “Arrow” (2013) & “Tomorrow Comes Today” (2013), & so forth.

Aside her on-screen acting & singing, the mixed ethnic gorgeous has even popped up as a voice- over stress lending voice to varieties of animated characters in the video games such as “Nightmare in North Point” & “Sleeping Dogs”, both in the year 2012. Celina is soon to be reaching out her audiences as Min, her character in the impending Thai Canadian action thriller movie “Skin Trade” by Ekachai Uekrongtham. The film also stars Tony Jaa, Dolph Lundgren & Ron Perlman, among others.