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Bill Bailey Facts:
Bill Bailey height: 5 feet & 7.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 51 years (January 13, 1964)

Celebrated for his talent in acting, comedy, music & presentation, Bill Bailey originally comes from England. He is a versatile English entertainer who was even listed as one amongst the fifty funniest acts within British Comedy in the year 2003, by the British newspaper, ‘The Observer’. Somewhat colossal build Bill is revealed to be precise 5 feet & 11 inches; nevertheless his other body statics are still to be mentioned over his official internet sites. Moreover, his eye & hair color are reported to be blue & brown, respectively.

Also famed with his nickname “Bilbo”, Bill Bailey’s actual birth name is Mark Bailey. He is the son of a hospital ward-sister mother & a medical practitioner father. He is presently 51, with reference to his date of birth, 13th January, 1964. Though his birth place is the Bath City, Somerset, England, United Kingdom, his later upbringing was carried out in Keynsham, a beautiful town located between Bristol & Bath. He collected his education attending an independent school called the King Edward’s School, in Bath City, where Bill was primarily an extremely academic pupil bagging maximum of the school prizes. Bill was the single student of his school studying A- level music. Afterwards, he went to the University of London’s Westfield College so as to acquire an English degree, but dropped out a year later.

Bill Bailey commence his career in the big world of entertainment in the year 1989, at his age of 25, quite delay as compared to other entertainment personnel; however earned a wide acclaim shortly after the professional debut. He is best recognized for his archetypal sense of humor & sharp wit. The versatile persona also earned fame for appearing in the popular celebrity game show, “Never Ming The Buzzcocks”, in which Bill served as the group’s captain. He has even made his atarring in different cult comedies like “Black Books” & “Spaced”. He has made his landing on dozens of on- screen ventures, & is widely noted for his acts in “Space Cadets” (1997), “Is It Bill Bailey?” (1998), “Wild West” (2002- 2004), Skins” (2008), “Bill Bailey’s Birdwatching Bonanza” (2010), “Chalet Girl” (2011), “It’s Kelvin” (2013), “Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero” (2013), & the rest. He has even presented the television show “Wild Thing I Love You” in the year 2006 & has even made his stability as a professional author. Moreover, Bill is a proficient guitarist & pianist & holds a perfect pitch. Later the year 2011, he launched “In Mental”, an album, using varieties of songs played during that July held Sonisphere Festival.

Bill Bailey is a backer of the UK Labour Party & has even made his appearance in the broadcast of 5th party election of the Labour Party during the campaign of 2010 General Election. He is also a candid feminist & supports the Fawcett Society. International Animal Rescue’s patron, Bill has been influential in the campaign of the organization to liberate dancing bears.