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William Shatner Facts:
William Shatner height: 5 feet & 9.5 inches
Weight: 106 – 108 kg (235 to 240 pounds)
Age: 83 years (March 22, 1931)

One of the celebrated names in the field of entertainment, William Shatner is an 83 years old Canadian actor, singer, musician, film director, comedian, author as well as spokesman. He was born on 22nd March, 1931 in the city of Cote Saint- Luc, environs of Quebec, Canada. All over his profession, William had gone through different ups & downs in his physical weight. William, who few years back, during his youth was a macho man now, has turned obese with a total body mass weighing roughly 106 to 108 kg. He has a middling height of 5 feet & 9.5 inches.

William Shatner is the only son among the 3 children of Joseph Shatner & his beloved wife Anne (nee Garmais). He grew up playing with his 2 sisters, Farla & Joy Shatner. All through the early age, his father worked in a clothing manufacturing company while his mother was simply a housewife. All of William’s grandparents immigrated from Poland, Austria, Ukraine & Hungary, holding Jewish origin, hence, William’s upbringing was Conservative Judaism. He basically attended 3 different schools while staying in Montreal, namely West Hill High School, Notre- Dame- de- Grace (NDG), Baron Byng High School & Willingdon Elementary School, NDG. He is the Montreal Children’s Theatre’s alumnus. Talented William then got enrolled at the McGill University, situated in Montreal, & attended the economics classes earning a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. In June of 2011, he was honored with an amateur ‘Doctorate of Letters’ via McGill University. Concerning about this legendary’s private life history; William has been married for a total of 4 times. He was bounded within his first wife, Gloria Rand from the year 1956 to 1969. After few years, William tied knot with Marcy Lafferty Shatner in 1973, with whom he spent his married life till 1996. After a year he wedded Nerine Kidd- Shatner, his third wife who died in the year 1999. Presently, William resides partly in Los Angeles as well as Versailles, Kentucky, together with his wife since 2001, Elizabeth Martin. He has altogether 4 children, 3 daughters, Leslie (b. 1958), Melanie (b. 1964) & Lisabeth (b.1961) from his first marriage whereas a son named Peter Shatner was born in 1956 through his relationship with Kathy McNeil, a famous actress.

Following the University graduation in 1952, William Shatner established himself as the Mountain Playhouse’s business manager in his hometown ahead of uniting with the Canadian National Repertory Theatre, Ottawa. Skilled as an orthodox Shakespearean actor, William, in the year 1954 started working with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Ontario. After a couple of years, at age 25 this aspiring actor made his debut on Broadways, however his official film landed in the year 1951 via Canadian movie “The Butler’s Night Off”. In 1958, William portrayed Alexis, his foremost feature role in “The Brothers Karamazov”, the 1958 MGM movie, next to Yul Brynner. During the early 60s, he was busy filming the different big & small screen projects such as The Intruder (1962), The Defenders (1961), Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) & The Outer Limits(1963), & finally came 1966 when William embarked the USS Enterprise pro overall 3 seasons of the sci-fi television sitcom “Star Trek”. His additional television works includes his appearance as a host & has ever since emerged as a thriving musician, director, author as well as celebrity pitchman.

Popular as a ‘Star Trek’ star, William Shatner has contributed about half of his life decades to the Hollywood entertainment industry, for which he has earned a huge recognition globally. Garnering numerous awards & acclaims, this gleaming persona has even introduced himself as one of the most generous acting star. Among his numerous support for various charities, in 2006, William sold his renal calculus (kidney stone) for 25,000 U.S. dollar in order to support the GoldenPalace.com. Moreover, since the year 1990, William has been a principal force following the ‘Hollywood Charity Horse Show’, this helps raising money for several children’s charities.