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Silvana Arias Facts:
Silvana Arias height: 5 feet & 1 inch
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 32 years (April 7, 1982)

Peruvian beauty Silvana Arias is an illustrious actress cum casting director. She was born with her full name Silvana Emma Arias in Lima, the capital & biggest city of Peru. The gorgeous workaholic actress is much conscious about her figure & body weight. She further intakes healthy balance diet so as to maintain her lustrous skin. Silvana has an hourglass outline in a squat height of literal 5 feet & 1 inch.

7th April, 1982 born 32 years old Silvana Arias was raised at her hometown of Lima till her youth. She is one amongst the 3 daughters of her parents’ Sonia Arias & Nelson Arias. All through the early age, her mother served as a social worker while her father was professionally a classic theater singer as well as actor. Following her elementary education, the actress earned her graduation degree from one of the reputed fashion design college, within Peru. She was trained by Philadelphian nuns during her initial 6 years of schooling in Liam. Silvana’s 2 sisters are namely Mariana Arias & Paola Arias. She was previously rumored to be dating fellow star Dylan Fergus. However, the two never divulged about their actual relationship.

Silvana Arias initially made her start in acting via telenovela sitcom in Miami & Peru on behalf of the Hispanic marketplace prior to landing her foremost starring on American TV. From 17th May, 2004 throughout 15th August, 2007, the aspirant actress made her starring as Paloma Lopez Fitzgerald in “Passions”, the NBC television soap opera, who had firstly been played briefly by actress Marie Greco in the year 2003 as an inveterate role. When “Passion” transferred from the NBC television to Direc TV, Silvana made a decision to drop the role. Since then the character has been portrayed by Hannia Guillen. In addition, the Peruvian beauty has also played Jimena Arismendi in “Gata salvaje”, in the telenovela. Currently, she is appearing as Veronica Jessica Murillio in “Perro Amor” & has too performed the character of Maite Carvajal in a Spanish language telenovela “En Otra Piel”, by the Telemundo Syudios, Miami. Her further acting & directory counts the 2010’s “Las Angeles”, 2014’s “Villa Paraiso” including the 1999’s “Passions”.

Full of zip in acting since a very young age, Silvana Arias has however established herself as a talented Peruvian actress; she is providing her painstaking effort to gain a worldwide fame as the Hollywood star. In addition to acting, she as well aims to commence the line of her own clothing as she holds a deep affection for each things fashion. Silvana can speak Portuguese, Spanish & English fluently.