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Rhea Perlman crossed her 66 in 31st March. She is an eminent American actress, since 1972. 5 feet 4 inches tall Rhea still seems energetic & fit in spite of her growing age.

Rhea Perlman was born in Brooklyn, New York on 1948 as Rhea Jo Perlman. She was a younger daughter to her parents, Philip Perlman & Adele Perlman. Her father, used to sell toys & dolls as well as he was an actor & later played in a sitcom ‘Cheers’ as a bar patron, Phil. Rhea also has an elder sister named Heide Perlman, she a renowned writer, producer & also a story writer. Rhea Perlman studied in New York at Hunter College. She is also a vigorous Democrat. On 17th January, 1971, Rhea Perlman met Danny DeVito, an actor & started dating after 2 weeks of the meeting. The couple followed up their date with marriage on 28th January, 1982. Rhea gave birth to their first child, Lucy Chet DeVito on March 1983, the second baby, Grace Fan DeVito was born on March 1985 & their youngest kid, Jacob Daniel DeVito was born on October 1987. During their dating relationship, the couple had even played different roles together including the sitcom ‘Taxi’ (1978 to 1982) & ‘Matilda’, a 1996 film. The couple split in October 2012. But later in March 2013, they reunited & currently the family lives in Beverly Hills, California. Rhea along with her family also spends some of their time in Interlaken, New Jersey at their vacation home.

Rhea Perlman was very much fascinated towards acting since her child age. She used to love portraying different other characters who were not unspoken & shy as her real life character. In 1972, Rhea Perlman started her acting career playing a small role in ‘Hot Dogs for Gauguin’, a short film. In the very year, she also played in ‘Up- An Uppity Revue’, produced by Westbeth Playwrights Feminist Collective. She also gave many other short films & TV films appearances in 1970’s. In 1982, Rhea played a character Carla Tortelli on ‘Cheers’, a television series till 1993. In 1986, she was also seen in an episode of a TV sitcom, ‘Amazing stories’ by Steven Spielberg. Rhea started appearing in several motion pictures & TV movies in the 1990’s including, ‘To Grandmother’s House We Go’, ‘In Spite of Love’ & ‘A Place to be Loved’. Afterwards, she played varities of roles in the films as well, such as, ‘There Goes the Neighbourhood’ (1992), ‘Sunset Park’, ‘Matilda’ & ‘Carpool’ (1996) & ‘Canadian Bacon’ (1995). Besides these, she also played in 2006’s (10 Items Or Less’ as well as in 2007’s ‘Love Comes Lately’ including ‘Secret Cutting’ (2000), & ‘Beethoven’s Big Break’ (2008). Rhea played different recurring roles as well as the title character in many TV movies, independent films & also in the 2007’s comedy play, ‘Boeing Boeing’. Rhea gave her guest appearance as a character Mittens in an episode of the U.S. TV sitcom, ‘Wilfred’.

Rhea Perlman had carried out her acting through various roles in the TV serious as well as movies & plays. She gained a high name & fame through her character as Carla Tortelli in the TV series, ‘Cheers’. For her role, she had also earned many awards including, four Emmy Awards & also was nominated for many times. Beside acting, Rhea is also an author of ‘Otto Undercover’, a book series for children.