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Ryan Adams Facts:
Ryan Adams height: 5 feet & 8 inches
Weight: 63 kg (140 pounds)
Age: 39 years (November 5, 1974)

David Ryan Adams, famous by his stage name Ryan Adams, a 39 years old American singer was born on 5th November, 1974 in a beautiful city of Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States. Standing in a middling height of 5 feet & 8 inches, this luminous artist has a total body weight of approximately 63 kg. A man in his masculine physique, Ryan is not just noted for his soothing voice but is also an able musician, songwriter as well producer.

Ryan Adams & his mother were abandoned by his father at the age of 9 & was since then raised by his single mother, who earned the living working as an English teacher in a nearby school. Following his mother’s remarriage, he was then looked by both of his mother & step-father. Primarily, Ryan earned his education attending the Jacksonville High School, located at his hometown but gave up the study in his very first week of 10th grade, heading to reside with Jere Mcllwean, his band mate at his rental home just outside of the Jacksonville city. On 10th March, 2009, at the age of 35, Ryan walked down the aisle together with Mandy Moore, a prominent actress, following their engagement ceremony of a month back. The couple was dating each other since the year 2008. Formally, this handsome artist was also hooked up with Parker Posey, Winona Ryder & Lindsay Lohan.

Soon after steeping into the age of 8, Ryan started writing limericks & short stories on his granny’s typewriter. At his 14, he as well started to learn playing the electric guitar which his mom & stepfather gifted him, & shortly later joined “Blank Label”, a local band. Though the band didn’t stay united long, he then performed brifly together with 2 local bands, “The Lazy Stars” & “Ass”. Subsequently he joined “Whiskeytown”, an alternative county band & released 3 different studio albums before pursuing his solo music career, initially airing “Heartbreaker” (2000), at age 26, gaining huge critical acclaim. Afterwards, this blooming artist also launched the total of 5 collections with “The Cardinals”, a popular rock band, following which he made an announcement to take a break from the music career. Ryan recommenced performing in 2010 October & liberated his 13th studio collection “Ashes & Fire”, on 11th October, 2011. This reached at number 7 on the list of Billboard 200.

Rising to fame via his prolific career as a solo artist, & a former member of “Whiskeytown”, Ryan Adams has till date released 14 different solo collections & has additionally produced several albums for the renowned artists like Jenny Lewis, Jesse Malin, Fall Out Boy & Willie Nelson. Moreover he has collaborated with Cowboy Junkies, Weezer, America, Counting Cows, Beth Orton, & numerous others. Branching out from the world of music, this artistic singer has as well introduced himself as an author, writing a poem book entitled “Infinity Blues” in 2009 along with another poem cum stories book “Hello Sunshine” publicized in the same year.