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Rocky Johnson Facts:
Rocky Johnson height: 6 feet & 4 inches
Weight: 120 kg (260 pounds)
Age: 70 years (August 24, 1944)

70 years old Rocky Johnson has though retired from his profession wrestling career, he is still celebrated by his fans worldwide. The Canadian wrestler is also famed as the father of American born pro wrestler cum actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Also known as “Soulman”, “Drew Glasteau”, “Rocky Johnson” & “Sweet Ebony Diamond”, he stands in a towering height of 6 feet & 4 inches within a masculine physique weighing in the range of 120 kg.

Rocky Johnson was born on 24th of August, 1944 to his parents’, Lillian & her spouse James Henry Bowles. He is the 4th among his 5 siblings, with whom he grew up playing in his birth land of Amherst Town, in Nova Scotia, Canada. His full birth name is Wayde Douglas Bowles & belongs to Black Nova Scotian, a descended from those slaves who run away from the Southern United States.

At age 16, Rocky headed to Ontario’s Toronto, where he started wrestling, partly holding a job of a truck driver. Originally he earned training to become a boxer & ultimately wrangled with greats including George Foreman & Muhammad Ali, however he was constantly awestruck by wrestling. He commenced his professional career in wrestling around the mid of 60s, soon coming out as a top competitor within the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) in the 70s, earning title games against Harley Race & Terry Funk, then- World Champions. He garnered the huge repute in his individual right during the 70s & 80s. Throughout his pro wrestling career, the champ was decorated with the Georgia Championship of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) & was even a NWA Southern Heavyweight Memphis Championship, additional to his numerous other championships. Along with Tony Atlas, his partner, Rocky was a component of the original black tag group to prevail the prestigious World Tag Team Championship during the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). The champion retired from his professional wrestling career at the age of 47, in 1991, & started giving wrestling training to his son soon after his retirement.

Enlightening the personal history of the retired wrestler, he was formally married to his second wife Ata Maivia, daughter of “High Chief” Peter Maivia. Their son Dwayne Johnson was born on 2nd of May, 1972 in California’s Hayward. After living in a marriage relationship for about 25 long years, the couple ultimately divorced in the year 2003. Rocky currently resides in Florida’s Davie with his 3rd wife, Dana Martin, with whom he exchanged the vow on 15th January, 2004. He has also disclosed that her has 2 more children from his first marriage to Una, with whom he was wedded from 9th July, 1996 until their official divorce in 18th December, 1978. Rocky is now the grand-father of Simone Alexandra Johnson (b. 14th August, 2001), the only daughter of Dwayne.