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Doona Bae Facts:
Doona Bae height: 5 feet & 4.5 inches
Weight: 54 kg (118 pounds)
Age: 35 years (October 11, 1979)

Slim & trim Doona Bae originally comes from her native South Korea. Primarily famed as an actress, she is as well a professional photographer. Doona has a very impressive figure measuring 33- 24- 34’. She is a perfect example of a banana shaped body. As for her height, it’s as impressive as her outline; she is listed to be lanky 5 feet & 7.5 inches, weighing around 54 kg. As she has already proved in the sci- fi sitcom “Cloud Atlas” that she does not have any problem to expose her flaunting figure on camera. Doona also posed formally for the W magazine.

Doona Bae was born & raised in her birth land of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The baby faced gorgeous is now 35, according to her date of birth 11th October, 1979. Growing up, she would trace her mom, Kim Hwa- young, a prominent stage actress of Korea, within the rehearsal halls & theatre, learning dialogue’s lines as she kept to. At the age of 19, she accomplished her graduation from the Hanyang University.

Doona Bae initially got scouted by a popular modeling talent agency when she was walking in her hometown. This drove her towards modeling clothing pro the catalogs of COOLDOG, among others. At the age of 20, she debuted as an actress, landing role in the television drama series “School”. Anon that year, the aspiring actress made her appearance in the Korean recreate of the famous Japanese horror movie “Ring”, titled “The Ring Virus”, playing the ghost. Landing further roles on numerous other movies, Doona first earned fame outside her country for playing Cha Young- mi, the girlfriend of the political activist of protagonist in the 2002 released Park Chan- wook’s film “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. She then was noted for portraying Park Nam- joo, an archer in the 2006 released South Korean monster movie “The Host” alongside Byun Hee- bong, Song Kang- ho, Go Ah- sung & Park Hae- il. Afterwards, Doona was seen in the role of a helium balloon sex doll- come- to- life in “Air Doll” (2009) by Hirokazu Koreeda.The actress then went on playing the starring role of Sonmi˞ 451, a revolutionary clone in “Cloud Atlas”, the 2012 German movie directed by Tom Tykwer & The Wachowskis. Most recently, Doona made her landing in the 2015 launched American Australian space opera movie “Jupiter Ascending” by The Waschowskis, starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum & Sean Bean. Earlier to this, she was seen in the lead role of in “A Girl at My Dorr”, the 2014 released South Korean drama-movie opposite Kim Sae- ron.

Aside her roles in number of hit movies, sexy & stunning Doona Bae has even made her branched on a few television projects. She has as well appeared in different music videos & has as well appeared as the host of programs such as MBC Network’s “Music Camp” & the SBS’s “Radio TenTen Club”. Moreover, the actress cum photographer has made her hands in writing & singing.