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Phil Robertson Facts:
Phil Robertson height: 6 feet 0 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 68 years (April 24, 1946)

Phil Robertson is a 68 years old American pro hunter, reality TV star & a successful businessman. 24th April, 1946 born, old Phil has an average build body with a tall impressive height which is said to be about 6 feet & 0 inches. His actual body weight is not provided in any of his official sites.

Phil was born as Phil Alexander Robertson, the 5th of 7 children born to his parents, Merritt Robertson (nee Hale) & James Robertson. Due to financial setbacks throughout his childhood, Phil’s family unit lived in jagged conditions, with no electricity, no toilet or bathroom. The family seldom visited the town in order to buy provisions, & instead lived on the vegetables & fruits they cultivated in their little garden, for the meat from squirrels, dear, fish, they hunted & fished themselves & the chickens, pigs & livestock they raise. As a high school athlete, Phil was all- state in baseball, football & trace, which provided him the golden opportunity to join the Louisiana Tech University, located at Ruston, Louisiana, on an athlete scholarship (on football) during the late of 1960s. It was although Phil had the capacity for a professional football career but he was more concerned towards hunting. Later, he achieved a bachelor’s degree majoring in physical education & master’s degree in education. In 1966, Phil wedded to his high school sweetheart, then 16 years old Kay Robertson (nee Carroway), following their affair since 1964. The couple together is the parents of 4 children, Jeo, Willie, Jase & Alan.

Phil Robertson started his professional career initially as a teacher. After teaching for several years, he as well became a commercial fisherman & later on he ran a bar around 1975. As an enthusiastic duck hunter, Phil was not satisfied with the duck calls condition. In 1972, he made-up his foremost Duck Commander call. For the call he got a patent & the Duck Commander business was integrated in the year 1973. These days, the Duck Commander Corporation is a multimillion dollar trade, directed by Willie Robertson, his third of 4 children. Since 21st March 2012, Phil along with his other family members stares in a U.S. reality television sitcom ‘Duck Dynasty’, where he is a family patriarch. Additional to all these works, he along with co-author had published a journal entitled “Happy, Happy, Happy” in 2013. Side by side to his Duck Dynasty television sitcom, Phil is also marked on the TV program ‘Buck Commander’, this is a hunting show aired by the Outdoor Channel. Formally being from a poor household, hard working & effortful Phil Robertson, today, is listed as one of the multimillionaire television personality, with a total net worth of $15 million.

A devoted Christian, Phil Robertson, who is candid concerning his beliefs, is also associated to the White’s Ferry Road Churches of Christ, situated in West Monroe. He even resists abortion & has described it a contravention of the United States Declaration of Independence. Phil often addresses about the issue during his public appearances. Lately, in 2013, Phil became the controversial topic after his interview with the GQ magazine, as there he stated that homosexual activity is sinful. For which, A&E TV network suspended him for 9 days from the ‘Duck Dynasty’ series.