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Matthew John Armstrong Facts:
Matthew John Armstrong height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 76 kg (167 pounds)
Age: 47 years (March 1, 1967)

Matthew John Armstrong is a former pro Australian rules football player who played for North Melbourne & Fitzroy during the VFL/ AFL. Being a player himself, the 47 years old Matthew holds an athletic build body weighing more or less 76 kg. He is a regular gym trainer & is too concerned about his physical fitness & nutritious diet intake. He has a normal height of 5 feet & 10 inches.

Matthew John Armstrong first came to the earth on 1st March, 1967. He was born & raised in his birth land of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Since a very long time, Matthew is wedded to his wife, Ashley Crow. Though, he is her 2nd husband, its Matthew’s first marriage. The couple had even worker together in the 2006 released movie “Heroes”.

Matthew John Armstrong debuted as a professional footballer at the age of 20, playing for the Fitzroy Football Club from 1987 to 1994. He performed overall 132 matches during the span of 7 years. A year later, he entered into the Australian rules football’s North Melbourne Football Club & became the season’s 2nd greatest disposal achiever for the FC. Though he missed just 5 matches during the home of 1996 & away season, the young champ was mislaid from the region which conquered Sydney during the finale. Matthew was sometimes enrolled in extravagant singly efforts to triumph matches running off of the centre clash with a straight run on goal, however would merely do so by the ending of close matches. Or else, he was often overlooked on the playing field, perhaps because of his moderately squat stature or perchance chiefly to the swift pace of his dumping of the ball, generally to large effect. He appeared to illustrate a singular tactical sense & his hand- speed upshot in an unmatched talent to shatter lines of resistance & an eerie number of games commencing or involving with him outcome in making shots, sometimes a number of disposals anon. This skill was acknowledged by fellow mates but frequently overlooked by selectors & coaches; confirmed to by former Australian footballer Wayne Carey composing special cite of the non- selected footballer Matthew in his Premiership Cup approval speech in 1996. Afterwards, he became coach for the Australian rules football’s Tasmanian Devils Football Club, aka “The Devils”.

Matthew John Armstrong played in multiple of positions, as a half back, on baller, wingman or centre. Though he didn’t continue his football career further than 1996, he actually carries stability as a footballer. He was actually a habitual representative pro his native land of Tasmania. Following the departure from football, Mathew reached to his fans as an actor, appearing on numbers of acting ventures, such as “American Dreams” (2002), “The Profile” (2010) & “Turks” (1999), to name a few. He has also continued his acting landing camoes in the highly noted television series, including “House”, “Bones”, “Numb3rs”, “CSI: Miami”, “Private Practice” & “The Mentalist”.