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Marshall Bell Facts:
Marshall Bell height: 6 feet & 1.75 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 72 years (September 28, 1942)

Marshall Bell seems quite alarmed about his health & diets, thus he has succeeded maintaining fitness at this age of life. Recently walking in his early 70s, the American actor has a smart personality in an average build body standing in a soaring height of 6 feet & 1.75 inches. Because of his growing age, Marshall’s body weight keeps fluctuating on regular basis; therefore there is no any accurate numbering on his body measurements.

72 years old Marshall Bell is originally from the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Until the age of 13, he resided there along with his parents & later the whole family shifted to the City & County of Denver, in Colorado. He was sent to the boarding school named St. Paul’s, in New Hampshire’s Concord, but was shortly expelled. Afterwards he got enrolled into the Colorado Springs based Fountain Valley School. 28th September, 1942 born Marshall’s actual birth name is Archibald Marshall Bell. He also was a pupil at the University of Colorado, earning a degree in sociology. Since a long ago, the actor is carrying a husband & wife relationship with his only love of life, Milena Canonero (b. January 1, 1946). As for Milena’s professional details, she is a reputed custom designer from Italy, who has made her hands in both movie & stage productions.

During his schooling at the Fountain Valley, Marshall Bell initially started showing interested in acting, after landing an act in the school play of “Harvey”. He got discouragement by others, & was also complimented that he wasn’t a good actor, & didn’t performed again for more than 20 years. Following his university degree, Marshall served 3 years in the US Army. The young guy ultimately served as a consultant, coaching business executives so as to advance their skills in speaking.

Marshall Bell’s career in acting got initiated at the age of 42, with a role in the 1984 released Alan Parker’s drama movie “Birdy”. The next year, he was seen in 2 different movies, followed by his role as Mr. Lachance & Atlanta policeman in the 1986’s “Stand by Me” & “Manhunter”. Ever since, the aspiring actor went on portraying further roles in films & television earning fame as one of the proficient character actors of the time. Marshall is better known for landing roles in “Twins” (1988), “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge” (1985), “The Vargrant” (1992), “Total Recall” (1990), & so forth. After starring on dozens of films, the actress was seen in films such as “Identity” (2003), “The Final Season” (2006), “Hamlet 2” (2008), “Nancy Drew” (2007) & “The Rum Diary”, among others, with the start of 2000s.