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Robert Beltran Facts:
Robert Beltran height: 5 feet & 10.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 61 years (November 19, 1953)

Famed for his portrayals as Raoul & CommanderChakotay in the cult movies “Eating Raoul” & “Star Trek: Voyager”, respectively, Robert Beltran to date has landed roles on more than hundred noteworthy on- screen productions. A bit chubby build American actor has now reached his 61 years of age, with reference to his date of birth, 19th November, 1953. However, his recent body statistics are partly disclosed, his height is listed to be about 5 feet & 10.5 inches, while his weight is still undercover.

Robert Beltran as Robert Adame Beltran was born & raised in the City of Bakersfield, California, United States. Among the ten kids of Louis Perez Beltran & his better half, Aurelia Olgin (nee Adame), Robert is the seventh one. He belongs to Mexican American descent. As a student, he attended both the East Bakersfield High School as well as Bakersfield College. He grew up together with his 7 brothers, namely Louie, Steive, Frank, Roy, Tommy, Eddie & Salvador & 2 sisters, Esther & Dolores. His brother, Louie Cruz Beltran is an established musician celebrated for his Latin Jazz genre. Robert accomplished his graduation in Theatre Arts from the reputed California State University & headed towards the City of Los Angeles to commence his career in acting.

Robert Beltran has been working progressively since the age of 26 in both stage & film.He got his foremost movie role in the 1981’s “Zoot Suit”, however his breakthrough popped a year later once he portrayed Raoul in “Eating Eaiul”, a cult classical movie. He also played a supporting part of Deputy Kayo, the partner of Chuk Norris in the 1983 released “Lone Wolf McQuade”, trailed out by his appearance in “The Mystic Warrior” & “Night of the Comet”, both in the year 1984. Robert is probably best noted for playing Commander Chakotay, the starship Voyager’s first officer, in “Star Trek: Voyager”, the well reviewed science fiction TV series, between 1995 & 2001. In 1997, he was even titled with the Nosotros Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Action in Television Series. Behind further other roles, Robert was seen in the double role of Older Eusebio & Don Fermin within the American Conservatory Theatres performance of “Boleros for the Disenchanted” by Jose Rivera. He has as well accepted the recurring part of Jerry in the third & fourth seasons of “Big Love”, the HBO sitcom. His last stage performance to date was in the 2011’s “Devil’s Advocate”, behind his performance in 2009’s “Solitude”.

Robert Beltran is the founder & co- director of the East LAS Classic Theatre Group. In addition, he is an essential part of the renowned Classical Theatre Lab, a group of pro actors who co- produced his 1997 production of the musical “Hamlet”, in which he not just starred but also worked as director. Robert is also a supporter of the National Down Syndrome Association, as his smallest brother is a sufferer of Down Syndrome.