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Manuela Arcuri Facts:
Manuela Arcuri height: 5 feet & 8.5 inches
Weight: Not disclosed
Age: 38 years (January 8, 1977)

One amongst the most classically Italian ladies, Manuela Arcuri has now become a household name in her home country. Celebrate for her tremendous acting; she is a proficient actress as well as soubrette. Currently 38, the actress has a sexy & voluptuous figure with perfect body measurements & weight. Much concerned about her fitness & shape, Manuela stands in a striking tall height of 5 feet & 8.5 inches. She is a regular follower of workouts & often visits gym.

Manuela Arcuri first came to the earth on 8th January, 1977 as the only daughter to her parents, residing in Anagni, Latina, Italy at the time, where she was brought up till her young age. She has 2 loving & caring brothers, namely Marco Arcuri & Sergio Arcuri, born in 1972 & 1974, respectively. Though the actress has not married yet, she was once the fiancée of Aldo Montano, with whom she was romantically bounded from 2004 to 2006. Like several other starlets of 90s & 2000s, Manuela was frequently the topic of public & media gossip concerning her romantic attachments that placed her on the front of numerous tabloids. Formally, she went cozy with different high profiled gentlemen, including Lorenzo Crespi (1995), Mohammed Habtoor (1998- 2991), Francesco Totti (2001), Valerio Morabito (2001- 2001), Wasee Panah(2002- 2003), Francesco Coco (2003- 2004), & Simone Montedoro (2012), among others.

Since a very young age, Manuela Arcuri was fascinated to the show business, & ultimately came out as a fashion model around 1995. Initially, she landed parts in different soap operas & was soon seen in her first movie “Black Holes” by Pappi Corsicato. Afterwards, she played a supporting character in the Leonardo Pieraccioni’s movie “Graduates”, earning a wide attention by the movie-going public. She kept on giving continuation to her acting in several other films & theatre productions, including “A pretty story of a woman e Liola”, beside Gianfranco Jannuzzo, under the directory of well known Gigi Proietti. At the age of 23, she emerged in the Genete Viaggi magazine’s calendar & the next year, the sexy starlet posed for one more calendar, i.e. the well accepted Panorama magazine, earning great accomplishment that strengthened her reputation & assisted her play a role in “Carabibieri”, a television series. In the year 2001, she appeared as a host of the television program “Mai dire Goal” alongside Gialappa’s Band, & the next year, Manuela was honored as the television star by appearing as a co- host of “Sanremo ‘Festival (2002), beside Pippo Baudo & Vittoria Belvedere, her fellow actress. She also co- hosted the 8th series of “Scherzi a parte” a television comedy show, alongside Anna Maria Barbera & Teo Tecoli. After landing numerous notable roles in Italian television series & stage productions, the actress was more recently seen in the sitcoms, such as “II peccato e la vergogna 2” (2011 2012), “Sangue caldo” (2011), & “Pupetta- The Brave and the passion” (2013), to name a few.

Moreover to acting, Manuela Arcuri is a black belt of karate. She has also involved herself in numbers of advertisement works, especially for Anima Gemella & Lormar. Pink lover, Manuela also likes blue & green colors. She is regarded as the sex symbol of the Italian film industry.